How to Create a Standalone Desktop app for any site using chrome

Google chrome is one of the most used web browser,all its features make it the best browser,Today we are sharing a simple tweak that will let you convert any website into a standalone desktop app,the whole process will hardly take few seconds and your app will be ready.

Follow the instructions below ,refer the screenshot to clear out the confusions if any.

To begin just goto the chrome’s main location (C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application) and locate chrome.exe right click on it and click create shortcut, after creating the shortcut paste it on desktop and right click on it and edit the target field ,give a single space and type -app= save it

and finally rename the shortcut ,done now open it to access the site directly.

This way you can create apps for all your favorite sites and access them instantly,the app will provide you an easy way to access the site,and all the links will open in a new tab to prevent disturbances in the app,you can also resize the app ,and the content will auto adjust as per the width.

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