Complete Small Challenges and get Free Mobile recharge from Rajni Cricket android game

Hello gamers,This one is to you,Introducing an android game ‘Rajni cricket’,This is a very entertaining and amazing game,Cricket is the favorite game for today’s youth,This Cricket game by Winjit games,is different,it also rewards the players for completing challenges,under a challenge,users need to perform some small tasks in the game like hit 24 sixes and others ,as soon as a users completes his challenge and earn the points ,he/she can redeem the rewards from the wallet section in the game,The game play and ways to earn and redeem the rewards are explained below,just follow the instructions and be a champ,initially it may look a bit hard,but practice will add perfection to your gameplay.

How to play:-

The game play is very simple ,Just download the game from The Playstore and login using your gmail account to google play games,once logged in click either ‘Classic mode’ or ‘Daily challenge mode’,For Classic mode once you click it choose the number of wickets 1,3 or 5 and start you match,you will get the play instructions in the beginning.
Swipe up for a big hit,Swipe straight for normal shot,tap once or tap down to slowly defense.

Steps to get free recharge:-

In order to get free mobile recharge,click on the Daily challenge mode and login using your Facebook account,you will see the challenge,click on the top screen to begin the match,play and complete the challenges,once the game gets over you can see a wallet icon,click on it to view or redeem your points,you must earn a minimum of 1000 points to begin the redemption.

The game will definitely bring up a lot of joy and fun ,The rewards attached with the challenges will help us keeping engaged with the game,more rewards will be added up in some days.

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