Claim you free Bonus storage at Microsoft One drive-Only 8 days left

Microsoft has announced a set of changes for its One drive service,under this it will take down the free storage offered to its users,from 15 GB to 5 GB,That means now users will get only 5 GB of storage,also dropping the unlimited storage that came with office 365 plans,These changes will apply for current as well as new users,Microsoft is giving its users an opportunity to keep up their storage space by just claiming the free storage within the specified time frame,the decision to take down the storage space was important,have a look at the statement given by Microsoft.

Microsoft CVP Chris Capossela Explained in a statement:-

The economic decision was easy. We made the economic decision, incorrectly, a year earlier, and then when we saw the usage just take off and you have 400 million or whatever it is, and you’re upgrading a gazillion Windows 10 machines, and they’re all using OneDrive, which is great, but you’ve got to use it in a way that’s economically sustainable. Those were some of the things that went into it.”

For the ‘Communication disaster’,Microsoft has decided to pull down the free storage offered to its one drive users.

How to claim your free storage:-

In order to claim your Free Storage ,just head to This link,Read the instructions to retain your free 15gb storage and click on ‘Keep your free storage’ link,once you click ,you will be asked to login at your Microsoft account,allow access, and continue,done now finally you will get the success message on the screen.
Make sure you claim your free storage before January end or you will lose out your storage,if you couldn’t make it up till Jan end,you need to go ahead with the reduced 5 GB storage.

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