Citibank Credit Card Referral offer-Refer your Friends and Earn 2000₹ per Referral

Today we going to introduce you Citibank Credit Card Referral program which is Offering 2000₹ for each referral,You need to have a credit card or should be a savings account holder of Citibank in order to refer to your friends and relatives,9,999₹ of total cash back can be processed to a single customer in a financial year,That is from April-March. If he/she earns more than more than 9,999₹ then that person would still be assigned 9,999₹,follow the details and procedure described below and start referring your friends,The referral reward will get credited directly to your Citi bank credit card or saving account,as you mention while referring,Referral succeeds when the refereed friend applies and get the credit card successfully through your invitation.

How to Refer under this Program?

You need to refer your friends through the Citibank’s Online Referral Form, It will ask for information of the customer  (Name/Mobile/Email/Account no.) and the referee’s details (Name/City/Mobile/Email). Make sure at the time of filling the form only Citibank Savings account no. or Citibank credit card no is mentioned. Savings account or credit cards of other banks are not at all allowed and Citibank Debit Card nos,should also not be mentioned.

Once, you have submitted the form successfully,you will receive a link thanking you for referring your friend and it would contain a link to dashboard for tracking your friend’s referral progress and also Username and password to login to your referral dashboard, on the other end,your friend will also receive a link,With your name mentioned, stating that you have been refereed and they would have links to apply for CitiBanks 4  types of Credit cards  (IOC Titanium/Rewards Card/Cash back card/PremierMiles card).

Make sure your friends doesn’t apply using any other link, he should only use the email link he/she has received, otherwise your referral cannot be tracked, Your reward would be processed within 30 days from the date your friend got his/her CitiBank Credit Card. If by chance you didn’t receive or have some problems, you can contact Citi customer care directly.

Other details:-

  • The Referral offer is open only for Exiting Citi bank saving account and Credit card holders,
  • Offer is applicable only for Issue of new cards and not add-on cards,
  • For each successful referral ,you will get 2000₹,earn upto 9,999 ₹ for 5 Referrals,
  • The referred friend should only apply with the link attached in the invite mail sent on referee’s behalf,
  • Your earnings will get credited within 30 days of successful referral.

Thats it! Go and enjoy this refer program,just refer 5 of your best friends and 10,000₹ are yours,now you know it all,Go ahead start earning.




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