Checkout this free WiFi password revealer software for PC

Since WiFi passwords are auto saved on a device and you don’t need to input it again and again in order to connect,Once successfully connected you get auto connected every time you get within the range ,without the need for entering your password further,as a result of which people tend to forget their WiFi password,We have already introduced the ways you can retrieve you WiFi password on PC, but using a software simplifies the process ,So today we are going to introduce a free tool,using which users can retrieve their WiFi passwords saved on their PC.

WiFi password revealer (finder) is a small freeware utility which will show you all your saved WiFi passwords, If you forgot or lost password to your wireless network – this tool is for you. It will work on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 (both 32-bit and 64-bit) and Windows 10,It will only show your saved Wi-Fi passwords (which you have entered in the past),lets have a quick look at some of the best features of this software:-

  1. You can decrypt encrypted passwords WEP,WPA,WPA2 etc,
  2. The software is compatible with Most of the Windows OS including Windows 10,
  3. It supports both 32 bit and 64 bit Operating system,
  4. Works at a Very fast and effective pace.

The software reveals all the saved WiFi password in just a matter of clicks,Users must have administrative rights,in order to decrypt the password,For Windows XP and 2003 Server users. your passwords will be recovered as 64 HEX digits, and not exact password which you have entered. This is NOT a bug. Windows XP automatically converts them into this form, and it can’t be converted back. But you can still use this HEX digits instead of real password in order to connect to your wireless network.

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