Checkout ‘Sagoon’ a new Social app to Connect share and earn

Sagoon is a new social app,which enables users to share secret messages,strengthen their relations with family & friends and express their emotional state clearly,Following the social path ‘Connect. Share. Earn’,It intends to transform negative experiences on social media into positive ones,Every moment there is always something going on around you, And sometimes no one knows it better than you, What if you could share it with others and bring change? It can be your own story!

Sagoon introduces a comprehensive suite of products (apps) – MyDay, Story sharing and MoodTalk – Each product has unique features and a different customer presentation strategy; the purpose of each application is to strengthen true connections and be productive.

My Day is the fastest way to create & share schedules and to-do-lists, and set reminders, It has been designed to simplify your daily professional and personal lives, and improve productivity,Supercharge your chatting with this tool, Use custom emoticons and crazy stickers during a private or group chat, Let your moods do the talking,Social Smart Card feature will be soon live in the app,in coming months to help users earn from the platform.

The story sharing is an information, experience, confession or incidence which you’ve never disclosed publicly in words,But, if disclosed, it can make people learn something significant, This feature is designed on the idea of building a transparent society and improving the quality of a personal life, Sharing a story might become a bonding agent and a gift to others.

Sagoon is an early-stage social commerce platform that offers users a chance to make money while socializing. The word “Sagoon” is derived from the Sanskrit word “Shakuna”, meaning “an auspicious moment” or “good luck”. Sagoon was first launched as a search engine in 2009, but developed into a social commerce platform in 2014.

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