Checkout “Halloween Flix” a Free Horror movie online streaming service

Halloween Flix is a free video “screaming” service that offers a huge collection of free horror movies, With hundreds of horror movies ranging from cult classics to modern day gore fests, there are frights to sate everyone’s tastes,From Halloween flix users can stream movies on various devices like,Android, Roku, iOS, tvOS, and Fire TV. You can also stream directly on the web at their website.

At Halloween Flix you can also search for videos by their titles, or you can search for specific scenes based on what people have said about them, In the search bar – located on the upper right side of the site – enter in a search term. You are then shown results of both video titles with your search term, as well as scenes where people’s comments mention your search term, You can also specify if you would like to only search by video or by scene, So if you want a video about zombies, you can find it.

You can also create your own Gif from a Movie scene at Halloween flix,Open up a video and play it! When the scene you would like to GIF starts, select the GIF text icon at the bottom right of the screen, This will pop up the GIF creator, which allows you to set the start time and end time of your GIF so it is the exact part of the video you want to capture, You also have the option to add text to the GIF, Once you create your masterpiece, you will also have an option to share the GIF directly with your friends on social media.

Check out the website from the link below ,click on any of the available movie title in order to play it,you can also browse on the basis of various options like classic films,Modern movies ,videos etc,the detail section in a movie lists out its description,duration,star cast and various other details.

Halloween Flix

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