Checkout Google Santa tracker app featuring the new “elfie” tool and Santa snap game

To delight the celebration of the Christmas season,Google offers a “Santa tracker” feature,Google has again this year got something special to add charm to the festive season,This season google has introduced the new “elfie” tool in the santa tracker app,a tool to click your “elf” version selfie anywhere in the world, Join in the merriment, and visit Santa’s Village every day through December 24 to uncover new games and holiday cheer, Learn to code the famous elf dance with Code Boogie, create original artwork in Santa’s Canvas, and take part in what could be the world’s largest virtual snowball fight.

With the new “Santa Snap” game, available only on the Android app ,you can fly your jetpack-ed elf around the globe in Google Maps and take “elfies” with famous world landmarks, Use the accelerometer to focus the lens and take a pictures at just the right time,Join the residents of the North Pole for all of these adventures and games on Android, and Chrome and be sure to visit Santa’s Village each day to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.

On December 24, grab hot chocolate and tune into Santa Tracker to follow the big guy and his trusty reindeer as they make their way around the globe,See where Santa’s going, the number of presents he’s delivered, and learn about different holiday traditions along the way, You can even ask the Google Assistant: “Ok Google, where is Santa?” Try it out with your Assistant on an Android phone and Google Home to check in on old St. Nick.

Santa tracker

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