Check your Android Phone’s VR capability using ‘VR Mark’ app

UL benchmarks has introduced a mobile version of its VR analysis tool,This easy to use tool let you get the VR capability of your phone,VRMark works with or without a headset to help you test and compare the VR performance of a latest smartphone,the app offers multiple performance test to check your Phone’s overall VR Capability.

The following are the three tests conducted by this app for multiple use cases and scenarios ,which enables users to determine the VR capability of their android phone:-

  • Indigo Room-The Indigo Room test represents the majority of mobile VR content available today. It is a lightweight test that is designed to run comfortably for long periods on first-generation Daydream devices.
  • Purple Room-The Purple Room benchmark is designed to run well for at least one loop on first-generation Daydream devices. Some phones will get hot when looping this test, and their performance may fall as the test runs.
  • Amber Room-The Amber Room is a forward-looking test that represents next-generation mobile VR content, It is a demanding test that is ideal for comparing devices that already perform well in the other Rooms.

This app also offers three ways to test VR performance:-

  • Peak Mode-Peak Mode measures a device’s peak performance by running a single loop of the benchmark test. This mode tells you how well a device can handle VR content for a short period of time, which is the best-case scenario for any device.
  • Sustained Mode-Use Sustained Mode to see if a device can maintain the required performance for VR over ten loops, one hour, a full day, or even longer without heating up or slowing down. This helps you uncover thermal and stability issues that affect VR performance.
  • Experience Mode-Use Experience Mode to judge the quality of the VR experience with your own eyes. Connect a headset and see for yourself how well a device compensates for missed frames. VRMark supports Daydream View and Google Cardboard compatible headsets.

Free VRMark app ,is available free for home use,It includes two VR benchmark tests and three VR experiences, Download the app and start benchmarking today,Test peak performance with the Amber Room benchmark,Test sustained performance over 10 loops with the Purple Room,Use Experience Mode with the Indigo, Purple, and Amber Rooms,Detailed results and hardware monitoring charts,Rank and compare the latest devices in the app.

VRMark Professional Edition includes three performance levels and three ways to test the VR capabilities of the first-generation Daydream devices,It Includes all three benchmarks: Indigo, Purple, and Amber Rooms,Three ways to test: Peak, Sustained, and Experience Mode,Full range of time period settings for Sustained Mode,Estimate VR battery life in Sustained Mode,Benchmark automation with adb.

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