Check out these amazing visual search features available on ‘Bing search’ website/app

Back in June 2018, Bing launched Visual Search to let you search what you see. Built on the Intelligent Image Search technology already in Bing, Visual Search allows you to search, shop and learn more about the world through the photos you take or images you see,Now, they are expanding on these prior capabilities by adding Text Transcription, updates to the Visual Search dialog box, and Math Solver—which allows you to solve complex equations by simply taking a photo. As part of Bing’s continued focus on providing educational resources, they’ve also expanded Bing’s educational capabilities to include interactive sections in math, science, and languages including American Sign Language (ASL).

All of these features are added with the intention of saving you valuable time whether by helping you quickly search using an image, transcribing text in an instant, or learning something new on the fly.

1.Math solver

Ever needed help solving a tough math problem? Or when helping a loved one with homework —would you know where to start? Released last year on iOS and on Android, Math Solver allows you to solve mathematical equations, including calculus, by taking a picture and tapping the “Math” button located in the bottom menu between “Auto” and “Barcode.” Math Solver will solve the equation with a step-by-step explanation and will also connect you to related online videos, such as Khan Academy lectures, to help you grow your mathematical knowledge.

2.Text transcription

In addition to using Visual Search for identifying objects, finding similar images, finding similar products for purchase, and even solving math problems, Visual Search will allow you to quickly copy and search the text you see directly through your camera. You can take a picture of a phone number to call it directly, add an email to your contacts list, visit a website, navigate to an address, or simply copy/paste text, Have you ever been in a restaurant and found a dish you can’t pronounce… or identify? Snap a pic, tap the menu text and search. Need to copy that long serial number or transcribe a website URL without typing? they have you covered.

3.Search instantly using images

Based on the feedback, they’ve now made searching via image on easier than ever by redesigning the Visual Search dialog box, which you can find after clicking on the Bing Image tab. The more intuitive design now allows for dragging and dropping an image, either from Bing or your computer’s desktop, directly into the image box to search in a snap. You can also copy and paste an image directly into the box in addition to a URL or take a picture directly by using your computer’s camera.


As kids head back to school, homework time can be a bit hard for parents. In addition to Math Solver, Bing has released a full suite of math, science, and language tools to make learning easy for parents and students. Many of these experiences feature step-by-step instructions and quizzes to help with memory and retention. Next time you want to learn a popular topic quickly, search for topics like “Solar System,” “Fraction Calculator,” or “Language Translator.”


In the spirit of empowering every customer and enabling learning across diverse groups, the Bing team has also created a “Sign Language” experience. The experience contains 159 videos of words and 13 phrases in American Sign Language (ASL), uniquely catered towards a growing audience of students learning sign language in schools. While the experience currently has trained interpreters signing in the videos.

6.Answers for NFL

The start of the school year also means the start of football season, and now whether you are a Fantasy Football rising star or simply an NFL aficionado, Bing has you covered with in-depth, context-specific information on every NFL game ever played. Bing can now reason over the detailed NFL statistics of every game since 2000 and instantly crunch the numbers to summarize the answer to your question that’s concise and presentable. Search like – “Who was the NFL rushing yards leader in the 4th quarter of the 2015 playoffs?” Download the Bing mobile app for iOS or Android and see for yourself.

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