Check out the latest version of The ‘Verified tricks’ android app loaded with amazing new features

The Much awaited, new and improved version of the Verified tricks android app has finally arrived at the Google playstore,the new version of our app features various improvements and new features over our previous app version,we have implemented many of the new features in our app for this update,to help users enjoy our app just like our website. Users can now browse through all the posts easily ,get instant alerts for all the latest updates via push notifications,and more.

The new version of our android app offers various features that our users were expecting since the initial app release,The new Verified tricks app is available for download at the Google playstore free,lets have a look at all the New features of our latest android app one by app:-

1. Push notification:-Get instant push notifications for all the latest updates from our website directly,the new app triggers a push notification as soon as an update occurs ,so you never miss an important update,push notifications from our app ,lets users stay updated without the need for manually checking the app again and again.

2. Adding Comments:-Users can now easily add comments to a post directly from our app,the previous version of our app offered only comment viewing,but in the latest app users can add a comment directly from the comments section of a post,in order to add a comment,just click on a post ,navigate to comments and click “Add comment”,input your name,email and comment.

3. New design:-The new app features a new design of the app,the posts are now listed in the app along with their image,in an attempt to make them look efficiently organized and clean,users can have the view of the post image directly on the main screen,the previous app offered only a textual view.

4. Easy post sharing:- Users can now share a post easily on any of the supported app on their phone,you can share a post directly on What’s app,Facebook or any other supported app,you can also copy a post’s respective link directly to your phone’s clipboard and use it or save it anywhere.

Our latest app is available for free at the Google playstore,Just click on the Download Now link below, In order to download the app directly,below are some of the screenshots of our latest android app,our latest app aims to offer a more user friendly interface along with added new features.

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