Callpal app-Make Absolutely Free calls to anyone directly on their phone

Introducing a new app to make absolutely free calls to anyone in any country ,unlike other free call app,this one works differently,Callpal app doesn’t requires other person to be online or install the same app in order to get connected,you can simply call anyone in any country free of cost,this app works smoothly and gets your call connected in a matter of seconds,the call quality will depend on the speed of your internet connection,once you make a call using this app,the recipients will get your mobile number as caller id make it easy for them to recognize the caller,The app is available for both android as well as iOS users.

This app offers absolutely free calling to any mobile/landline number without requiring other person to install any sort of apps,you simply need to select the country and input the number you wish to call,other person gets the calls and gets connected as soon as he/she answers the call.

Calling flow:-

  • Download and Open the app ,Login using FB,Google account or signup using your email address,
  • Select signup Input your email and type a 6 digit password,continue the signup,
  • Select country as India and input your 10 digit mobile number,
  • Finally confirm the mobile number with the Password/OTP received,
  • Once logged in ,click on the calling icon,select the country and input 10 digit mobile number,the call will get connected in a matter of seconds.
image image

Key features:-

Make absolutely free calls to any mobile,landline number in any country without having other person to install the same app or come online,No need to accumulate any credits,perform downloads or provide payment info in order to make free calls,calls are absolutely free of cost,The app also auto syncs the contact from your phone to make process calling easier and faster.

At last we would like to conclude saying that,We would really like you to give this app a small try,you will definitely love this app,The app’s size is a bit large as compared to other apps (45MB),but the features offered will definitely overcome the size barrier,and motivate us to download and tryout this amazing app.

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