Buy Monopod Extendable ArmSelfie Stick Portrait Stand for 199Rs At Cubishop

Traveling in india or abroad ?,It may not be comfortable to ask the strangers to take your photograph,especially when you want to take loads and loads of pictures,it is really embarrassing to ask strangers to take more than one picture,this device is the best solution for you ,It is easily fold-able to carry anywhere and everywhere,and using it at the right moments,just fix the mono-pod,adjust the height and hold it as per the angle you require, and shoot the photograph.


How to use it:-

Connect your Mobile or camera to the adapter using the tripod insert,extent the mono pod as per your convenience,set the self timer in your phone and get ready for photo graph,smile and the photograph is clicked

How to buy:-

Goto this link Online my mall signup page and signup with your details ,after successful signup you will get a coupon code,copy the coupon code and goto the link indicated ,select your color and initiate the purchase,then apply the coupon,discount will get added ,finally buy the product.

This is really a great equipment,you can use it without any limitations in your home, or party or while traveling,instantly click amazing photos and share them with your friends,create amazing moments anytime and anywhere

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