BSNL Now offering 4 Times more 3G data on 291₹ Pack Rounding to 36₹ Per GB

BSNL on Friday has raised the amount of data offered on its 3G packs,For selected 3G plans,which lowered its 3G pack rates to around three-fourth times,BSNL is now offering more volume of data for the users,BSNL is now offering 8 times more data on 291₹ pack and double data on 78₹ pack.

Revised data rates-

STV rate Data Volume Now Old Data Volume Validty Cost per GB
291₹ 8 GB 2 GB 28 Days 36₹
78₹ 2 GB 1 GB 5 Days 39₹

BSNL said.-“With these offers BSNL is now offering data at the rate of Rs36 per GB which is one of the lowest in the industry,”

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