BHIM app offering its customers upto 750₹ cashback per month and free 51₹ as Joining Bonus

BHIM is a mobile based payment app,which offers users a way to make fast,safe and reliable cashless payments, Link BHIM app with UPI or bank accounts to enable quick fund transfers,In order to use this app,users initially need to register with their bank account in the app and set up a UPI pin,your Mobile number acts as your payment address,once you are registered in the app,you can easily send and receive money,non-registered users can also receive money via Mobile number,IFSC code and Adhaar card.

BHIM App (Android, iOS) supports multiple Indian languages like English,Hindi,Gujarati,etc you can choose any language and proceed,In the app ,all the payments are processed 24/7 using Secured UPI network,in addition to mobile number users can also send and receive payments using QR codes.

BHIM app is offering it customers upto 750₹ cashback per month ,the cashback offer can be availed by all the customers every month for using the app, the more transactions you perfrom in the app,the more cashback you can earn,the offer break down is as follows.

1. Cashback on Joining

Get 51 ₹ cashback on successfully completing your 1st financial transaction (Send money) using the BHIM app,follow the steps below in order to earn your 51 ₹ joining bonus in the BHIM app.

  • Download the BHIM App for your Bank registered mobile number,
  • Link your bank account & do a first financial transaction successfully,
  • Send 1 ₹ to anyone and earn a cashback of 51 ₹ for your first successful financial transaction.

2. Earn upto 750₹ cashback every month

A) Receive 25 ₹ Cashback for every unique transaction (VPA/UPI ID, Account Number, Mobile Number) with a transaction value of 10₹ or above (Maximum cashback upto 500 per month)

B) For a transaction value of 10₹ and above, cashback can be earned as follows:-

Number of transactions (Per Month) Amount of cashback
More than 25 but Less than 50 100₹
More than 50 but Less than 100 200₹
More than 100 250₹

Thus a user can receive a total of 750₹ cashback per month, For performing 100+ transactions you can earn 250₹ and for every unique transaction of 10₹ or above ,you can earn 25 ₹ per transaction upto a maximum of 500 ₹,Therefore making it a total of 500 + 250 =750 ₹ ,plus 51 ₹ bonus for people who download and transact for first time in the app,Any user having a smartphone and bank account is eligible to use BHIM, you just need your mobile number registered with the bank and a debit card linked to that account, You can download the app from playstore or appstore.

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