Best WiFi apps for android phones

Wifi now a days are present almost everywhere,With easy and simple access to WiFi across various locations ,users can save money towards their data cost and enjoy free internet on there devices,Today we are listing out various apps that will help us in getting access to various shared Wifi networks thus getting us connected to the internet for free and also the apps to effectively managing our WIFi in order to analyze and prioritize connections,let’s have a look at all these apps one by one.

WiFi Map

WiFi Map was created for comfort and ease of use. It helps users save money on 3G/4G usage and preserve battery life, downloading apps, movies, music, playing games or simply checking email,the app offers Passwords and comments for public Wi-Fi locations,Prepopulated Wi-Fi information available in offline mode,You can also Contribute by adding new Wi-Fi info from places you visit.

WiFi Master Key – by

WiFi Master Key is an essential tool for Android smart phone users to search for, connect with and manage their WiFi access. Millions of WiFi hotspots are available worldwide,WiFi Master Key requires minimal mobile data to perform “WiFi Key Search”, Only around 1015KB data will be used for every “WiFi Key Search” performed. Besides, you don’t need mobile data to retrieve passwords stored by Manual Connect.

Google Wifi

Google WiFi is a Wifi management app for mobile users,See which devices are connected and how much bandwidth each is using to get a better understanding of where your Wi-Fi is going,Prioritize a device for the fastest speeds when it matters most, like your Chromecast when marathoning your favorite show and so on.

Free WiFi – Wiman

Say hello to your new WiFi Manager,It works like your system WiFi Manager, but with superpowers,It gives you full control over WiFi since it classifies and suggests WiFi nearby,Get automatically connected to millions of Free WiFi all around the world and to WiFi shared by Wiman users.

WiFi Automatic

This simple app can help you increase the standby time of your device: WiFi Automatic automatically disable your WiFi radio when you don’t need it and thereby lowers the battery consumption,You can also specify to automatically turn on WiFi again, if you turn on your device or when you enter a specified location.

With these apps users can easily get connected to various shared WiFi networks as per the availability at different locations and also some of the apps listed above will help the users to manage their WiFi connections to save bandwidth and the phone’s battery life.

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