Best Google Chrome extensions to Check out

Chrome a web browser by Google, is one of the leading web browser,with a large number of users,it presents a great combination of attractive design and upto date technology,chrome let’s us browse web at fastest possible speed,A great collections of extensions make chrome even more capable and advanced,The extensions available for chrome let the users do anything they ever wished,you can tweak the design of web pages,change the colors,manage phone and many more,almost all the extensions are available free of cost,and are very easy to operate,so here we are listing out some of the best extensions you definitely need to try out.

1)Intelliverse email tracker:-Use this extension to track your emails,this extension will let you know,when your email was read,how many times it is read,city and the location it is read,all these analytics will help us gain insight from every point,you can keep all the records,the extension gives real time reports and is capable of tracking any number of emails,To begin just download the extension,open gmail in normal view,provide your phone and company name,start sending emails to get the reports.

2)Pushbullet:-Pushbullet is a great extension that let’s us manage our phone from PC,in order to use it just install it,after installing it download the Pushbullet app on your android phone and login using the same facebook account on both Chrome and android,enable notifications and exchange messages directly between mobile and PC,your messages,photos,songs now live in many places,small size makes this app even more faster and very light.

3)Emoji input:-Emoji input let’s us use emotions/smileys on any website ,without the need for remembering any short codes for respective emojis,just install the extension from the landing page,upon installation you will get an emoji icon on the top right side of your browser,click on that icon from here directly search for the emojis and paste them in anywhere you want,in comment,questions or search queries.

4)Screenshot Capture-Fireshot:-Use the Fireshot chrome extension,to instantly capture screenshots fro webpages and save them as PDF,GIF,JPEG etc,the screenshot can be captured and saved instantly ,just install the extension and click on the extension icon,and hit capture to save the screenshot.

5)Tab snooze:-This Extension,lets us close/hide all the tabs and then makes them magically reappear when you need them,this will let you hide all the tabs until you actually need them,create a lot more space for other tabs,hide all the disturbances,a tab will automatically wake up as per the time specified ,followed by a desktop notification,making you aware about the re-activation of the tab,this extension will soon arrive for android and ios too.

Try out all the extensions ,you will definitely love each of them ,more extensions will be added up in upcoming days,keep watching 🙂 .


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