Best android games of the day

In our last post we introduced some of the best android apps of the day,And today have a look at some of the best android games of the day,These games will definitely give all of us a great fun time and joy,keeping us engaged with our phones,This list is not final,we will keep on updating it from time to time,with many other time killer games,So gamers ,here are the games,Get ready for some amazing action and thrill on your mobile phone right now.

1)Pac man 256:-Try the new game Pac man 256 By Bandai namco, Pac man 256 featuring endless entertainment,the maze that never ends,the game features your character that moves with the finger swipe,eat the cherries and avoid the ghost,munch a power pallet and get laser tools,Ghosts are blue and cherries are red,download the game and enjoy also rate it.

2)Angry Birds 2:-Yes you heard it right Angry birds 2 has been released by Rovio Studio,This is the sequel of angry bird’s previous version,Features great graphics,a lot more levels and destruction,This game gives us freedom to choose our bird,play new multiplayer levels,challenge other players,defeat boss piggies,The game is completely free ,but includes some optional in-app purchases.

3)Ramboat-Hero shooting game:-This game has been votes as one of the Best 5 Mobile game by Times magazine,The game features,Shooting and arcade experience,of the fighting paratroopers,and powerful weapons like homing missiles,machine guns and flame throwers,as you race,collect up the power ups,for weapons,boats ,reward and coins.

4)Mission Impossible Rogue Nation:-Mission Impossible Rogue nation is based on actions and adventure,In the game play,Track out enemy agents,destroy rogue basis,complete the mission objectives,equip the advanced weapons,destroy the enemies as well as form the agencies,this game is also free to play just pay for the in game purchases that stand optional.

Now just try out all the games,all are very small in their sizes,The links for the respective games are attached in the title,click on it to land to its Playstore location, We will update this list from time to time as soon as new games release,and fit up our interests,till then try out these and have fun 🙂 .

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