Best android apps of the Month:Press Play TV,JoiSpot free WiFi,Moments By Facebook and 9 more

Presenting the best android apps for the month,With this post we are going to list out some of the best apps you can try out ,Android apps with a lot and lots of advancements and latest technology are been released on daily basis,what was impossible yesterday is possible today,with great enhancement of the technology and innovations,the apps along with their use are listed out below,do check out each app,you will definitely like them,these apps will help us extract more functionality from our same smart phone,The apps along with their description are as follows,the landing page for each app is linked in the title of the respective apps,click on the title to get to the download page.


1)Ozee-Entertainment Now:-Ozee Entertainment app brings all the TV Entertainment on your Mobile phone,This app offers latest Movies,TV shows and Music,you can watch out all the Episodes from Zee network like Tashn-e-Ishq, Yeh Kahan Aagaye Hum, Dil Dosti Duniyadari,Kumkum Bhagya,Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain, etc,The app also features latest Bollywood news,you can enjoy full Movies across various Genre like action,comedy,romance etc,now you will never miss any of your favorite shows from zee network,just select a date a watch out the episode for that day, without any ads,you can also sort by channels,language etc.
image2)Everalbum:-Ever album app for android let’s us easily backup our photos online and save up the device storage,Ever album offers us free unlimited photo storage,you get unlimited high resolution storage,import photos from facebook,google or directly from Camera roll,also easily share the photos with friends,It offers absolutely free High resolution storage,For full resolution you need to subscribe for premium membership,High resolution photos are upto 1500PX more than this are resized to 1500 ,for free members.

3)Wifire:-Wifire app offers us a smarter way to find and connect with the best free Wifi hotspots across our location,no need to remember or input any password,it covers Public hotspots and secure open networks across various cities,The app features:Easy connection with reliable networks,Wife auto fills your phone number,where ever required,to save your time,Explore the map for hotspots and earn rewards for adding new networks,It currently covers database of following cities:-Bangalore,Mumbai,Delhi,Kolkata,Hyderabad,Chennai,Agra,Bhopal,Lucknow,Kochi,Jaipur etc.

4)1 Password:-One password is a safe for your phone ,where you can store your login details for various websites,With the latest update of this app,it now supports ‘Finger print locking‘ too,using this feature you can lock the app with your finger print,to ensure no one can access it,This feature is currently open for Android 6.0 devices(Click here to know more),This app features 1 click login to websites,no more remembering of passwords,Organizing of folders and files,strong password generation and more,the app is available for all Windows,Android and iOS platforms.

5)Instavoice:-Insta voice app offers us free missed call alerts,using this app,you can get to know who called you ,when your phone is switched off or not reachable,the app also offers ability to get free voice mails when you can’t take the call,the voice messages can be sent to any number,even those who don’t use the app,the app also offers free text messaging to any number,currently this app is limited to operators and will expand up to cover all in coming days.

6)Pressplay TV:-Press play app aims to Offer free Streaming without any data charges,Press play is a video streaming app that offers Latest Movies,Tv shows,and trending videos across various channels,including but not limited to Bollywood,Sports,Music,TV Shows,Comedy etc,Pressplay has over 2500+ WiFi hotspots across india in Buses,Trains,Hospitals,Railway stations and other which make using this app free without and load on data,The app also offers free downloading to watch the content anytime.

7)Joispot WiFi:-Joi spot WiFi app offer free WiFi Hotspots across Mumbai and Pune,You can absolutely free 2MBPS Wifi hot spot,you can also increase the speed limit by subscribing for a plan,The free plan will offer you upto 2 MBPS speed,The app covers over 512 locations,get Unlimited downloading,Browsing and streaming with Joi free WiFi,To activate it just head to the landing page and signup for your account ,get instant activation,premium plans just cost 200₹ or 300₹ per month offering 4 and 8 MBPS speed.

8)Tap slash:-Tap slash is a keyboard app,that offer advanced functionalities for your phone’s keyboard,you just need to tap the ‘/’ key on the keyboard,to get the list of searches like:-Contacts,Google,Youtube,Twitter etc,Its aims to make your keyboard more effective and capable,share photos,videos,gif’s easily and instantly,this app is compatible with most of the apps like:-Message,Email,What’s app,Twitter etc.

9)Peach app:-Peach app makes Messaging even more fun,this app let’s you express yourself more easily,you can use various commands and express yourself, more vividly,You can simply search for Gif’s,Add current weather,Add TV Show,Current location,Write big Fonts ,draw something and more,Just download the app and signup for your account,Use various commands to like adding a random photo,Drawing a doodle,etc.

10)Moments by Facebook:-Moments app by facebook aims to make the task of photo exchange,collection more easy and fast,using this app you can easily get photos from your friends,give them back,quickly group them on the basis of date or the person in it,easily share slide show of your photos on facebook,search for photos,send multiple photos at once and organize them,moments app is available for both android and iOS platform,After events,celebration photo collection becomes a bit complex task,this app simplifies it by helping us sending and receiving photos easily and quickly.

11)My Shake:-My Shake is an ‘Earth quake detector‘ app for android,This app uses sensors on your android phone to detect the shakes,The app keeps on running in background,analyzing the shakes,the app offers a graph showing up the motion in real time,you need to keep the phone steady in order to make the app perform its task,The app also provides us with various safety tips to follow up during the calamity,download the app and turn your phone into an earth quake detector,the app is 12 MB in size and works with android 4.1 and above versions.

12)Our pact:-Our pact app for android is about to come up in few days,This app is currently available for iOS users,it is a Parental control app that let’s us set limits,on how much time children are spending using their phones,this app makes parenting more efficient using this app you can easily block apps,block internet as well as schedule device usage.

We have covered all the best apps of the month ,now just download them and enjoy ,you will love all these apps,since all the respective developers are trying up their best to get upto your expectations.

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