Avoid eye strain using sunset for android

If you are using your phone in dark it might effect your eyes ,we previously told about flux that adds a reddish layer to protect your eyes while using computer

Sunset for
Android is a simple screen filter
that applies a reddish overtone to
your display so you won’t lose
your night vision.

It comes with 4 colour schemes

Dark — the standard gray filter dims light
without adding any color.

Midnight — a slight tinge of midnight blue
keeps the screen cooler during red
sunsets or sunrises.

Sunset — designed to limit the amount of
blue light that goes into your eyes to help
you sleep.

Red — designed for stargazers,
astronomers, and telescope enthusiasts to
help maintain your night vision.

Download here
It is available for 1$
If you are looking for a free alternative try twilight app

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