Avast android app Trend Report Lists out most Popular android apps and Phones for Q3 2017

Using anonymous data from millions of users, Avast’s Android App Performance & Trends Report reveals which phones and apps the world loves most,Between July and September 2017, Avast analyzed data gathered from an aggregated and anonymous sample of Avast Android mobile app users, Avast learned that the most popular installed app is — no surprise — Facebook, followed by WhatsApp and Google Chrome.

Most Popular apps

Facebook and WhatsApp are the most installed thirdparty,applications on millions of Android phones, closely,followed by Chrome and Messenger,When looking at apps that come preinstalled on Android devices,The top four are the Google Play Store (which is constantly being accessed),YouTube, Maps, and the Google QuickSearchBox. Surprisingly, Microsoft is slowly but steadily conquering the world of Android as well, as per the report from avast.

Microsoft is focusing more and more on delivering apps on Android and iOS, In Q3, three of its apps — Skype (6), Word (9) and Outlook (20) — made it into the top 50 apps on Android phones,The most installed game, you ask? Not surprisingly, Candy Crush Saga, which has held its position (more or less) since avast started these reports way back in 2014.

Most popular Devices

Examining more than 3 million Android users, avast learned that the aging Samsung Galaxy S5 is the most used Android phone out there, Hot on its heels is the 2016 flagship Galaxy S7, which has been gaining market share and is on track to become the most used Android handset by early 2018.

When reviewing phones overall, They also noticed something interesting: half of the Android phones turned out to be more than two years old, with some going back to 2012 with the S3. It seems that half of smartphone users keep their phones for more than two years for different reasons.

Avast also offered a very useful advice for all the android users, to look very closely at which apps – both reinstalled and third-party apps – are really necessary to have and get rid of apps that are unnecessary, If users come across an app they truly love that drains battery life, they might want to consider looking for an alternative or limiting its background activities, like push notification,Avast also suggests use of a Cleaner app like Avast clean up, To Help users quickly get rid of temporary,files to free up space,and analyse the top battery,storage, and traffic-hogging apps to help users easily uninstall apps they no longer need.

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