ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile game arrives for android and iPhone

ARK: Survival Evolved has finally arrived for the Mobile platform on iOS and Android,This free-to-play mobile version features the full online survival experience contained in the PC and console versions of ARK, including a gigantic island to explore, 80+ dinosaurs and primeval creatures to tame and train, multiplayer tribe mechanics, and of course, crafting and building!

While maintaining the true ARK experience as closely as possible the mobile version has undergone its own mutations which allow for the ultimate experience on a mobile device. This includes faster paced gameplay, a unique user interface and a specialized control setup developed specifically for the mobile game,some of the best features of this Mobile game are as follows:-

  • Taming: Use cunning strategy and tactics to befriend, train, ride and breed the many dinosaurs and other primeval creatures roaming the dynamic, persistent ecosystems across land, sea, air, and even underground.
  • Discover: Unearth rare blueprints and Explorer Notes written by previous human denizens of the ARK from across the millennia, detailing the mysterious Island’s creatures and backstory.
  • Craft and build: Using any means necessary – survive, craft weapons, clothes and items, and build shelters, villages, or even large cities.
  • Plant, harvest, build, level-up: Customize everything visually and functionally, including procedurally-generated RPG statistics for creatures, characters, resources, clothing, gear and weapons, both primitive and modern.
  • Play alone or team up to survive: Team up with, or prey on, up to 50 other players in a large-scale multiplayer online first-person environment, or choose single player mode to test your mettle against the world solo.
  • Join a tribe: The ‘Tribe’ system encourages cooperation, by supporting dynamic parties to share resources, XP, and respawn points.

The mobile version also offers optional upgrades survivors can aquire using Amber that will allow players to progress faster, obtain certain buffs for periods of time, build special crafting structures, and even bring your beloved tames back from the dead! Follow the links below to order to download this game.

Android iPhone

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