AOMEI Backupper-Windows Backup and Restore Software review

In today’s era data security is one of the top most most concern of the users,To ensure data protection we must regularly backup the data stored on our PC before-hand to ensure security from any sort of loss or damage in future,To perform such actions and avoid problems of data loss or corruption ,we are required to use a data backup software,’AOMEI backupper’ is one such tool that helps us in simplifying the backup and restore process,AMOEI backupper is an all in one solution to perform the process of Backup,restore,sync and cloning, as far as you are using this,your can ensure a complete data backup and security,The standard version is available free of cost and aims to provide maximum utility for the users.

What is a Backup image?

A backup image is a copy of complete hard disk drive or partition,with all the installed programs and configurations,With this if you need to re-install windows,you can directly boot from the image,without the need to Re-install the programs or reconfigure the windows settings,note that an image can be used only for restoration on the same PC.

The AOMEI backupper software features creating system images to ensure that windows and applications remain safe,Back-upping complete hard disk or selected partition as an image file,scheduling automatic backups to save time and storage,This software provides us the convenience to perform backups and restores ,eliminating the hectic and time consuming steps involved in normal back-up procedure.

Key features:-

1) Fast and simple interface:-The software offers a very fast and simple interface,all the options are smoothly organized to help us easily go through each of them,You need to choose an option from backup,restore to initiate a task, the utility section offers-checking the image,creating a bootable disk,exploring of image and more.

2) Easy backup:-With AMOEI backup software users can easily create a backup of system files,folders, as well as disk and partitions,The backup section in the software features options like System backup,Disk backup,Partition backup,File backup as well as file synchronization,Just select an option and choose the source,destination for backup and let the software do the rest for you.

3) Restore of backup:-Easily restore the backed up files of the system from the restore section in the software ,you can manually select the path or choose from the available backups,and restore system files,folders ,also choose from selective file restore and disk/partition restore,You can restore the backups created previously,from this section,just select the restore option and choose the source and destination folder.

4) Create clone:-The clone feature in the software offers users the ability to clone the disk that is cloning a hard disk to another, you can perform a disk cloning in case you wish to Upgrade your hard disk from an older one with less volume to a newer with more storage volume,The cloning feature will help you quickly carry the data from one disk to another.

5) Encrypt,compress or split backup:-While performing a backup,users can also choose from among various advanced options like encrypting the backup with a password for an additional layer of security,compressing the backup files in order to save the space and you can also split the backup on the basis of a defined sizes,which can ensure the convince of storing it in parts.


Now we know everything about this software,So If you are planning to backup your system or just shifting from one system to another,You Must give this software a try,AMOEI backup is loaded with all its tools & equipments and is fully ready and energized to serve all your needs efficiently and effectively ,The software offers an easy and fast backup with the ability to compress the backup data in order to save the storage space,It offers a simple and ‘One click process’ to perform backups and restorations.

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