Android tips/tricks:-Experience Firefox os on android,Save web pages as PDF & 10 More

Android is one of the most sold phone in today’s era,It is the favorite OS for peoples across the world,Android is one of the best platform with a large number of apps,ranging from A-z categories,Android features a great technology helping the users to perform large number of operations simultaneously,this is also called as multitasking,With this article we are bringing up some of the best tips/tricks that you can experiment with your android device and make more out of your same android phone,these tips/tricks will support almost all android versions above 2.2,the details are listed below.


1)Save a webpage as PDF For offline viewing on chrome:-You can easily save web pages for offline viewing on Both Chrome and Firefox browsers for android,Once a webpage is saved you can view is without any internet connection directly from its location(Downloads),The page is saved as a Pdf document, For Firefox the process is direct,goto Menu > Pages and click save as PDF,To save a page as PDF using chrome for android,just open any URL and click on the three lines from the top right,and select Print > Save as PDF ,download the page to your phone or save it directly to google drive.

2)Experience Firefox OS on your android phone:-Firefox has released a developer preview version of its OS ,you can install and use this app as a system launcher to preview the ‘Firefox OS’ on your android phone,instead to flashing your phone and going through those deep steps,you can do it simple,all you need to do is download the ‘APK’,install it and press home key to enter your device with ‘Firefox OS’,The home screen consists of various apps like OS Marketplace,Mail.Pull down will show up the version,OS features System-wide addons,tracking,pinning webpages at Home screen and so on, Follow the steps below to install and use:-
a)Download the apk from here,
b)Make sure installations from unknown sources is allowed on your phone,
c)Install the apk and press home key,select Firefox OS and launch it.

3)Control YouTube from your phone without any app:-Yes you heard it right ,you can control Youtube on your Pc from your phone,perform searches,play the videos,as well as change the video,without any app,You just need to be connected to the internet on both your phone and PC.
a)To begin just goto this link from your Computer, (
b)Then goto left side and click on the three dots,and choose settings,
c)Finally click pair device,now goto this link from your phone’s default browser,(
d)And input the same code as shown on the screen,done

Now the phone will be connected just search and play videos from phone,they will show up on your pc (Videos will not buffer on phone)

4)Send messages instantly to friends on What’s app,Viber,Wechat,Nextplus or Telegram using Ok Google:-Google has introduced a new feature for its OK Google app,that lets users send messages instantly to their friends on What’s app,Viber,Wechat,Nextplus or Telegram Messenger ,by simply giving the commands,in addition to the text messages users can also send voice message on Wechat,Nextplus and telegram,to begin just open up Ok google and speak the following commands,after you give the command,it will ask to dictate the message:-
a)Ok Google, send a WhatsApp message to Joe,
b)Ok Google, send a Viber message to Josh.
and so on

5)Stream and control your PC From Mobile using Spashtop:-Introducing an another great app to try out ‘Splashtop’,This app let’s you stream your computer’s display to your phone,you can also operate your computer,use the phone’s touch to scroll and click the mouse,This app works in combination with Splashtop desktop client,You need to download both app and client,then login using the same account on both the devices,once connected you can see your PC’s current display on screen,also check out the webcam,to see who is in front of your PC.

6)Reset your android phone’s password without losing data:-Reset your android phone’s password without losing any data,this method will prove very effective in case you lost your password and want to access your device without losing any data,follow the steps below.
a)Login to the gmail account used on your phone from your PC,
b)Then goto this link and click on the lock button
c)now set the new password for you lock screen.

7)Mirror your android Display to PC:-Mirror your android phone to PC and enjoy your phone’s display on a big screen,getting a completely different experience,to perform this just follow up the simple procedure below.
a)Firstly Download allcast app for android from the Playstore,
b)Next download the allcast receiver app Extension for chrome browser from here,
c)Launch the app on your mobile (Mirror beta)
d)Finally launch all cast receiver on chrome,the devices will get connected.(Make sure both devices are using the same wifi)
Now all the display of your phone will mirror up on your PC.

8)Lock your Phone with Volume Button pattern:-You might be locking your android phone’s app(s) with a pin or password,in order to prevent their un-authorized usage/access,But today we are introducing a new app ‘Oops applock’ ,This app will let us lock apps using Volume button patterns,no need for any screen password,everything works in totally invisible mode,follow the steps below to use it.
a)Download Oops! App lock from the Playstore,
b)After installing,you will see a notification-Warning you re entering restricted area,
c)To lock an app,Swipe in the app,and view/add or refresh the lock list.
The default pin is Volume up,Volume up and Volume up.

9)Save web pages as PDF With Uc browser:-Save the Webpages on your Mobile as PDF Documents using UC Browser,without any need for PC,Using the simple procedure ,you can do this in few seconds,without any complications.
a)Download UC Browser app from the Playstore,
b)Download and install Web to PDF addon from Playstore,
c)Open up any webpage in Uc browser, and click on the three square icon from the right,
d)Click on ‘Web to pdf’ and click the download button.

10)View/Recover Forgotten WIFI Password on android:-Recover forgotten password for WiFi on your android phone,using this simple trick,you can view wifi password saved on your android phone and even reset/change it as per your needs,this trick will work only for selected android versions,the newer once may not support,follow the steps below.
a)Goto Memory card > data > misc > wifi
b)Here you will see a file named wpa_supplicant.conf
c)Open up this file using a text reader,
d)Scroll a bit down and see your password in the following format

11)Watch 360 degree Youtube videos on android phone:-Few months ago this year Google introduced 360 Degree videos that can be viewed in both PC (Chrome only) And android phones,PC Users need to use mouse click to change angle,while android uses Build in accelerometer that let’s users move phone and look around,In order to view them:-
a)Goto Youtube app on your phone,update if it is outdated,
b)The goto menu > scroll a bit down and click 360 Degree video option
c)Tap on that option and click Videos from top menu, start watching 360 degree videos.

12)Free app By intel to control your PC:-Intel has developed a free app for android users to let them control their PC Using the mobile,This app arrived last week on the Playstore,it will work with Intel computers with windows 7 or above,the app uses wifi to establish a connections between Mobile and PC,To begin
a)Download the Intel Remote keyboard app from the Playstore,
b)Then install the Free host software on your PC,
c)The Mobile app will automatically detect the host computer ,you can complete the process by scanning the QR Code,the connection is made using Wifi.

13)Share any file (zip,doc,pdf,apk etc) on what’s app:-What’s messenger is used by almost all the phone users ,But the major limitation may users face is that they can’t share any file other than image or video,Using this small trick users can share any file with their friends,It is not mandatory to install the dropbox app on your phone ,however you can just keep that app to manage your files,Follow the steps below to setup.
a)Firstly make sure you own a Dropbox account ,if not just signup,
b)After signing up Just download the Cloud send app on your phone,
c)Open the app and link up your Dropbox account,using opera mini or any other browser,
d)Done now to share any file,Just click on the file and click share ,tap on the cloud send option,
e)The file will get uploaded and appear in notification,share it directly via what’s app or any other app.

Now when you know them,Practice all these tricks on your phone,these will work with almost all android device above 2.2 ,in case you face any problem just give a read to the post again for clarifications,all the instructions are listed up above,more tips and tricks will be added up in coming days.

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