Android free call apps-Data consumption rate comparison(Whats’s app,viber,line etc)

Free call apps like viber,tango,Skype are some of the most used apps ,along with a latest addition of what’s app,being large number of apps providing the same thing,it is very difficult to determine which app(s) is/are best,for calling,in order to clear this out, we have a made a comparison report for various apps,with their data comparison rates in kbs/minute.

Below we have a comparison report of 10 most popular calling apps,the results are based on three different calls,one minute each from the same app and then getting the average,during this test each side spoke for 30 seconds during a one minute call,to make the conversation look normal,the results are based on a 4G network.(by android authority)

The result shows that some of the most populated apps like What’s app,Skype are consuming the highest amount of data,Skype is one top,followed by what’s app,hangout,tango and so on.
With this we can conclude that it would be best for slow speed internet users to use low data consuming apps like kakao talk,Facebook messenger etc,in order to enjoy clear and smooth calling,Apps like viber,hangout are consuming a good amount of data the surprise was facebook messenger that stood at the second place,apps like kakao,line use low quality in order to save their bandwidth,which adds to data saving for the users too.

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