Android app earn 0.1$ per day

Previously we told about gift cards android app that let’s us earn easily and withdrawal was just 1$ we have successfully received payment from gift cards they I’ve send 1.35$ instead of 1$ ,Today we are introducing another android app which let’s you earn 0.1 $ or more daily easily

Even with slow speed internet,
Download download the app and login with facebook,
After logging in daily message/invite 10 of your Facebook friends,it doesn’t matter wheather they join or not
This way you’ll earn 0.1$ daily
download apps to earn more
With this app its very easy to earn 0.50$ per day even for slow speed internet users
You can withdraw your earnings as mobile recharge as soon as you reach 1$ (mobile recharge only available for selected countries and operators)
Or by PayPal as soon as you reach 5$
Download here

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