Amazon Story telling app is now free (Available in the U.S.)

Amazon Rapids is a reading app for children of age 5 – 12 that offers a fun and engaging approach to storytelling. Explore a library of hundreds of illustrated short stories delivered in a playful and unique format,the former price for Rapid was 2.99$/month ,but now Rapid is available free,so users can now use it free of cost without paying anything,its a great opportunity for the parents to open a fun,engaging and new learning platform for their kids,in a very interesting and engaging way.

Discover hundreds of original short stories for readers ages 5-12,Turn screen time into reading time,Each story experience is designed to make reading fun, Build your reader’s confidence, spark the imagination, and encourage a lifelong love of reading,lets have a quick look at some of the best features of this app:-

  • Hundreds of Original Stories-Explore the expanding library of hundreds of exclusive titles.
  • Read Along-Read along with Amazon Rapids and a cast of lifelike character voices.
  • Parent Dashboard-Learn about your reader’s latest activity, and use a story summary to spark up a conversation.
  • Built-in Glossary-Kids can easily look up the definition and pronunciation of a word to help build their reading confidence.

Amazon Rapids takes a new approach to storytelling for children, designed to build confidence and make reading fun! Short stories come to life as readers tap to reveal each line of dialogue at their own pace. Encourage independent reading with stories that can be completed in minutes, turn on Read Along for full-cast audio, or read aloud together.

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