Airtel offering absolutely free 1.2 GB 2G/3G Internet data to all its users

Airtel is here with an amazing offer for all its users,get absolutely free 1.2gb internet data on your airtel mobiile,offer is valid starting from 7th Jan 2016,in order to avail this offer airtel users just need to download 4 apps ,upon downloading these apps users will get absolutely free 1.2 gb internet data in 12 installments of 100 mb each,this offer is applicable for all airtel prepaid mobile users,the free data can be used only at night between 12am-6am at the speed users have been using under their current plan,the offer along with all the necessary details are mentioned below.

How to avail the offer:-

In order to avail this offer airtel subscribers just need to visit this link from their mobile,download all the 4 apps from the landing page My airtel,Wynk music,Wynk movies and Wynk games,you can also get the download link messaged to your phone from the landing page,below is the break-through of the offer.

  • In My airtel app users can avail the offer by updating the app to latest version,users will be offer 100 mb data till three months ,every month,valid for 7 days,(100×3=300 MB)
  • For Wynk music and Wynk movies app,the first data installment will be credited upon installing and opening the latest version of the app and registering with and airtel number,the second installment will be credited in 30 days of first and the third will be credited within 30 days of second that means 100 mb per month,(100×3=300 MB+100X3=300 MB ;Total 600 MB)
  • For Wynk games app the first installment will be credited upon opening the app and registering via airtel mobile ,second needs to be claimed after 30 days of first installment by subscribing to Wynk games free pack,final installment needs to be claimed in 30 days of second installment.(100×3=300 MB)

Total data =300+600+300=1200 MB.

Other details:-

  • The internet data will be credited in 12 installments of 100 Mb each,the differential 28.8 mb will be crediting upon completing all the steps,
  • The offers cannot be clubbed with airtel night cashback offer,
  • Existing users  of these apps are also eligible for the offer ,they need to update the respective apps,
  • Offer are valid from 7th jan 2016 only for a limited time period.
  • The internet data under this offer can be used between 12am-6am in the night.

The offers can be availed by downloading these app on android or ios platforms,Windows phone users can only avail the Wynk music offer ,whereas ios users can avail all offers except Wynk games,android users can avail all the 4 offers.

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