Airtel Broadband now offering 1000 GB of bonus data valid for one year for its users in Delhi-NCR

Airtel has launched an amazing offer for its broadband users in Delhi-NCR region,offering upto 1000GB of Bonus data to the users,this offer is applicable only for airtel broadband users in Delhi-NCR region who have opted for the airtel broadband service on or after 16th May 2017,the pack benefits are applicable for 4 packs as listed below,on subscribing to the lowest pack priced for 899₹ users can get 750 GB of free data,while other packs offer the users 1000 GBs of bonus data ,with speed variations as per the plan opted.

Along with the above mentioned offers,airtel is also offering 100 percent more data for its broadband users in specific regions,previously the 899₹ plan offered users 30GB data ,but now the same plan offer the users with 60 GB of data.

This is an amazing offer from airtel broadband ,users can enjoy 1000 GBs of bonus data with their normal broadband plans,the validity of the bonus data is for 1 year,users on airtel broadband network can now use internet at a very low cost with out any worries for data and downloads 1000GB for a year means around 84 GB of data per month ,which is quite enough for normal browsing as well as downloading.

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