Aircel Earn tunes service-Get upto 20₹ free recharge every month

Aircel Earn Tunes service is similar to Dialer tune service, Once you subscribe to the Aircel Earn Tunes service, aircel will play ads on your dialer tunes in place of song,This service is available only for prepaid customers of Aircel,Aircel Earn Tunes service subscription is FREE OF COST ,you don’t need to pay anything for activation and renewal of this service,instead you earn,every time someone calls you.

On successful subscription of this service by an aircel user he/she becomes eligible for rewards under this service in the form of Talk time, Mobile Data, Coupons etc,that may vary from time to time which will also depend on actions performed by the user and will be solely decided by Aircel,Aircel may place ads on channels like SMS, Dialer Tune, call notifications etc. depending upon the User’s and caller actions for which the aircel user will get the rewards.

Earnings flow-

For example their are two users User A and User B ,Where User B is the aircel user who has subscribed to the aircel earn tunes service, while User A is the person who calls User B.

  • Once ‘User B’ subscribes for Aircel Pay-tunes service, Aircel will play advertisements from the top brands in the Dialer tune of ‘User B’ on the incoming calls, i.e., ‘User A’ will listen to advertisements till the time ‘User B’ answers the call.
  • If an advertisement on ‘User B’s Dialer tune is played for more than 6 seconds, User B will earn 6 paise in his/her Aircel Pay-tunes Reward balance,Per call ,If ‘User B’ picks the call before 6 seconds, no reward will be credited to user.
  • At the end of each day, Aircel will inform ‘User B’ about his/her total Aircel Pay-tunes Reward balance,Once ‘User B’ earns Rs 10 in its Aircel Pay-tunes reward balance, ‘User B’ Aircel prepaid account will be recharged with ₹ 10.

Sometimes it is possible that no ad is available for ‘User B’ on a particular call in which case no ad will be played on ‘User B’s dialer tune,and no earning will be credited,You can earn a maximum of 24 paisa from each caller in a single day and upto 20 ₹ maximum per month.

How to activate-

You can activate the Aircel earn tune service by SMS as well as call,follow the instructions below.

  • Aircel Users can Call toll free short code 565002 to activate earn tunes,
  • Or send an sms, SMS PT to 565002(Toll Free).

You can deactivate this service by Calling toll free IVR 155223 or sending SMS- STOP to 155223 or by sending SMS DE DEACT to 565002.


1. Is Aircel earn tune applicable for Postpaid users too ?

No,as of now Aircel Earn tunes is applicable only for Aircel Prepaid users,Also, if you have already subscribed to some Dialer Tune (RBT) song or other Dialer Tune (RBT) service, then you can’t subscribe to this service.

2.How do i check my total earnings ?

In order to check you reward balance just Click Here,in user name and password enter the following credentials.

Username: [email protected]
Password: [email protected]

3.Yesterday I have received more than 10 calls but reward balance is giving on Rs 0.30. Why ?

There can be 2 reasons for your issue –

  • On some calls, you picked them before 6 seconds,
  • For Some calls, ad wasn’t played due to unavailability of ads on your number.

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