Adobe Launches a free document scanner app for android and iOS

Adobe has introduced a new app for its users “Adobe scan”,Adobe Scan turns your phone or tablet into a powerful scanning and text recognition tool that converts printed text into digital text that can then be re-used wherever you need it. Whether you’re snapping a picture of a slide during a planning meeting to work into your yearly plan, or grabbing an image of a design board off your camera roll and reworking the copy before sending to your client for approval – Adobe Scan helps you get work done from anywhere.

Using the adobe scan tool,users can turn,their physical documents into editable PDF files,all you need to do is just point your phone’s camera towards the document and the task is done,upon scanning a document the smart adobe scan app automatically uploads it to the cloud making it accessible from anywhere on your PC or mobile.

The files scanned can be edited on the adobe acrobat reader,but this requires a paid acrobat subscription,in order to edit the digitized text,Scan app is perfect to serve all your normal document scanning needs,turn your smartphone,into a smart scanning tool using the “Adobe scan” app.

Easily capture forms, pictures, and notes. Go beyond documents to scan receipts, business cards — even whiteboard discussions. Adobe Scan automatically captures and cleans the image.

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