Add Amazing effects to Photos,Videos on Android with Looksery app

Looksery app was launched last year for ios platform and has gained more than 2 million users,now the same app is available for Android,the Android version has released this Tuesday,Looksery app will help you show up your emotions:-sad,angry etc,add effects to your photos in a simple click and share it with all your friends.
Looksery app can change the reality of a photo or video on your phone ,you can show your self in a different light.

Chief executive Victor Shaburov said -“People are not always ready to take a call,A women woken up by a call from her boyfriend might bot want to take the call for example,with our app,with one button click you can but the makeup on or put a funny avatar on.
This app works by analysing the facial structure,track them and let’s us add special effects to them ,this app features:-Changing the skin tone,Change eye color or make them anime,Transform the face size,expression,Add 3D avatars,Express what you feel with emojis,Retouch photos and videos using the filters.

Link:-Looksery Playstore

How to use:-

To use this app download it from the link above and install it,once the app get installed open it and select the photo or video ,choose what you want to filter and then select the designs/templates apply them and save the result.

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