8 Quick tips to optimize your android phone’s battery life

Most of the mobile phone users now a days face a major problem of short battery life ,as a result of which we need to frequently charge our mobile phones,but their are several ways for optimum usage using which users can add extra hours to their phone’s battery,these few extra hours added to your battery life will mean a lot especially when traveling outside of home,with added hours for battery life users can enjoy ,longer gaming,calls as well as browsing on their phones.

So below we are listing some quick tips ,which you can practice and make your smart phone’s battery last longer,their are several features and settings in our phones,which we may not require ,disabling /adjusting these will help us giving a boost to our phone’s battery life ,lets have a look at all of these one by one.

♦ Optimizing your Phone’s display

The phone’s display is one major thing that consumes a lots of battery share,this is generally termed as the “Screen on time” ,users can minimize this by reducing the screen brightness and also by minimizing the screen out time,follow the tips below.

  • Disable adaptive brightness and try to keep your phone’s brightness low to conserve your battery life and performance (Settings > Display),
  • For the phone’s with Amoled display ,use a dark wallpaper to reduce battery consumption,Since black color turns off the LED pixels,
  • Set Screen timeout duration short ,so as soon as you stop using your phone,the light get off,
  • Disable proximity wake feature,that turns of the screen on hand detection.

♦ Minimizing phone’s Vibration settings

It feels a bit good and convenient to have Vibration enabled on your phone,but if you want to enhance your phone’s battery life,then it is recommended to switch off the vibration settings on your phone,this will reduce the load on your Phone’s ERM,which in turn will definitely mean more battery life

  • Head over to Settings > Sounds and disable your phone’s vibration setting,select the sound or mute option ,as per your requirements,
  • Disable haptic feed back,To do this on Google keyboard,long press on “comma” ,select settings > Keyboard > Vibrate on key press ,and turn it off.

♦ Turning off animations

Turning off the animations on your phone will make it work a bit fast and also let you add more life to your phone’s battery,upon turning off the animations you may feel a bit different while using your phone,but this will definitely add to your phone’s battery life

  • In order to Turn off the animations,head over to Settings > About ,here scroll down to “Build number” and Tap it 7 times,
  • Once you do this the developer mode will get unlocked,Now head to Settings > Developer mode,
  • From here turn off all the three animations (Window,Transition and animator duration),

♦ Disable Wireless features when not in use

Wireless features like WiFi,Location and Bluetooth must be turned off when not in use ,as these keep on consuming your phone’s battery even when not in use,the WiFi sensor will keep on scanning in background while background bluetooth also keeps on consuming your battery ,these features must be turned off for background and when not in use.

  • Head over to Settings > Bluetooth and turn it off,Similarly Setting > Location and turn it off,
  • You also need to turn off your Phone’s WiFi when not in use.

♦ Optimizing app data usage

There are some apps which regularly sync their data via internet in background,which leads to consumption of battery as well and your phone’s data ,to avoid these apps must be optimized for data usage ,and especially when your phone has a lot of apps installed.

  • Head over to Settings > Data usage and select the apps which you want to restrict for background data usage,
  • You can also uninstall apps or disable app notifications from Settings > App manager.

♦ Clearing recent apps & Minimizing widgets

Clicking the back button on an app may not exit it ,this instead minimizes the app in background,so the best way to ensure that apps get closed is to click on the recent button and close all the active apps,this will end them and save your phone’s battery consumption.

  • In order to close recent apps ,click on the Recent button on your phone and close the opened apps,you can also close all the apps at once,
  • Next step is to minimize widget usage,if you have any widget on your phone’s screen which you no longer use ,simply remove it.

♦ Managing apps with High battery consumption

Too many apps on your phone can lead to high battery consumption the best thing would be you check which apps are consuming the most battery power and the un-used once should be unsinstalled,the power saver option in phone also helps in optimizing your phone’s battery.

  • Head over to Settings > Power/Battery and check out which apps consume your phone’s battery at which level,and optimize them accordingly
  • You can also enable the power saver mode on your phone from the same option,in order to minimize the battery consumption rate.

♦ Using third-Party apps

If you are too much concerned about your phone’s battery life,you can use various third party apps in order to optimize your phone’s battery,Greenify app puts background apps in hibernation mode,in order you minimize the battery consumption,also some battery saver apps can help you to some extent in optimizing your battery performance.

  • You can use the apps like ‘Greenify‘ which puts the background apps in hibernation mode thus helping you conserve the battery,
  • You can also checkout out list for the best battery optimization apps posted previously.

So with some of these quick tips and tricks ,users can extend their phone’s battery life,these tweaks and optimizations may change the way your phone used to work,so it you do not feel comfortable with any of the setting/tweak you can revoke it back ,by following the same process used to activate it.

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