7 Smartphone apps that works like magic

You might have heard about popular programs like apple siri, and the dictation program Dragon NaturallySpeaking.but there are few other apps based on recognition

  1. Evernote(Free;android,ios,mac,windows):-A  popular notepad app that keeps your notes synchronized over all your gadgets,if you capture a photo its ocr decipher the writing as text
  2. Shazam(free,java,android,ios,windows)-This is a song recognition app,you are listening a song ,just start the app ,the app returns you the song name,album,etc
  3. SoundHound(Free;ios android)-This app is similar to shazam ,but with an additional feature you can also sign a song and let it recognize it,no need to play the actual song
  4. Bird Song ID(4.60$,ios)-Record  a bird’s warble and let the app tell you what species are you hearing,the clearer the voice the better will be the recognition,Most importantly this app works without internet
  5. Leafsnap(Free,ios)-Take a pic of a leaf(keep the background white) and the app will recognize  the plant it came from
  6. Color Identifier(2$;ios)Color Reader(free;android)-This app can recognize the colours you show it
  7. LookTel(10$;ios)-Show this app a bills and it speaks the amount,you can train this app and it will recognize objects for you.

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