5 Quick tips to ensure better Safety and Security while using Mobile banking apps

Mobile banking and other payment apps offer users an easy and instant way to perform their transactions online directly from phone,these app have become very popular due to the ease and convenience they offer,users can easily transfer money,check balance,mini statement and so on,But keeping all the efficiencies aside, if a user uses Mobile banking services,he/she must keep certain factors in mind to ensure the safety of transactions,so below are listing out some tips using which one can ensure transparency of their transactions.

Below we are listing out five quick tips ,using which users can take a step further towards ensuring the safety and security of their transaction on mobile banking apps,you must also keep some basic security tips in mind, like never enter your debit/credit card details on mobile banking apps and never share your banking details on Phone calls,emails,bank representatives will never ask your card details or password.

1. Do not download the app from third party sources

The first thing you should ensure is to install the app only from Google Playstore,iTunes,Windows store or your bank’s official site,do not download any app from third party sources,websites,or links provided on sms,The Apk file of the app should not be downloaded directly,you must download the official banking app only,you can also confirm the authenticity of an app by calling at your bank’s support.

2. Keeping unknown sources disabled

This option is disabled on most of the phones by default,users should always keep this option disabled,in order to ensure that any third party apps don’t get installed on their phone,while this option is kept disabled no apps can be installed on your phone via the APK file package,To check this option on your phone head to Settings > Security and make sure the “Unknown sources” box is un-checked.

3. Keeping your Mobile Software Updated

The Next and most important step towards security is to keep your phone’s software updated,various software updates are released by the device manufacturers from time to time ,these are aimed to fix the security issues and add improvements to your device thus adding enhanced security for your device,to update your device,just head to Settings > About device > Software updates from here download and install the latest software updates on your phone.

4. Checking app permissions & Keeping app updated

Before downloading an app from the Google playstore or other stores ,A user must check permissions of the app,This will help you in determining,the stuffs an app can access on your device ,in addition to this a user must also keep his/her banking app always updated to its latest version,once an update releases,you must update your app.

5. Installing a security app

Installing a good security app will help you in adding an additional layer of security for your device,these apps offer various features like ,Anti spyware,anti malware,app privacy protection and various others,users can download these apps for free at their respective app stores,some of these apps are -McAfee Mobile Security,360 Security,Avast Mobile Security etc.

With these quick tips ,users can ensure the safety and security for their transactions on mobile banking apps,in addition to this,While performing a banking transaction on PC,users should avoid performing net banking or other transactions on public computers ,also always ensure that you use the latest and most updated version of your browser,access the bank website directly via the URL and do not forget to change your login passwords regularly.

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