7 Best Free File/Data Recovery tools for Windows PC

What happens when you accidentally delete an important file from your PC,you think it has been permanently deleted,But the truth is that chances still remain that your deleted file can be recovered completely,Thanks to the advancement of technology and File recovery techniques, File recovery is an amazing technology that helps us recover the permanently deleted files from our PC ,Mobile and other storage devices,Their are various types of softwares available which help us perform file recovery task,these scan the required drive ,location as per your choice and and retrieve a list of recoverable items,from which you can preview or recover deleted files.

These softwares come as Free and paid ,the Free once have certain limitations attached ,on the other hand paid once let us use the software completely, today with this post ,we are trying to coverup some of the best free file recovery softwares.

1.Recuva:-Recuva is one of the best free file recovery software ,this software is very helpful in recovering deleted files with least efforts,the free version supports advanced file recovery and deep scanning,you can recover files, from hard drives ,secondary storage devices,the free version of recuva doesn’t have any file size limitations,you can recover as much as data you want,Recover files from various devices like Camera,Mp3 player,Computer,Damaged disks,USB Stick,In addition to recovery of files,you can also securely delete the files,to bury them permanently and make them unrecoverable.

2.Pandora recovery:-Pandora recovery is a very helpful file recovery tool,The cleaner first scans the selected drive or folder and then shows the recoverable files ,you can preview or recover the respective files listed post scan,Also search for a particular file or extension by simply typing in the query at the search box,the free version of Pandora file recovery recovers files from NTFS as well as FAT,you can browse the search by File creation date,last accessed date,size and full or partial name of the file,the software can recover images,programs,archives,etc.

3.Easeus Data recovery:-Ease us data recovery software offers us the ability to recover deleted file from our PC or Storage devices,the software scan up and lists the contents in various categories like JPEG ,Mp4 and other files, open the respective folder and preview or recover the files from their on ,the free version supports the recovery of files upto 2GB in total,you can also import the scan results to resume the recovery process in future,Recover all types of files from all supported devices,Raw recovery,lost partition recovery,quick and deep scan modes are some of its features.

4.7 Data recovery:-7 Data recovery is another capable data recovery software,the free version offers us the ability to restore files from PC as well as external storage,the free users can recover upto 1 GB of files in total,the software offer us various options like Complete data recovery,Lost partition recovery,digital media recovery and so on,recover files from formatted partitions,accidentally deleted files,Photos videos from local host as well as mobile devices and from unaccessible hardrive,partitions etc.

5.Mini tool recovery:-Mini tool power data recovery is yet another free data recovery software like other free softwares this also has some limitations attached like the free users can only recover upto 1 GB data in total,It supports recovery of damaged partition,digital media recovery,CD/DVD recovery,the software will take only a few seconds and scan,The results will show up the recoverable files,the program offers damaged partition,CD/DVD,digital media and other data recovery options.

6.iCare data recovery:-iCare data recovery is another solution to restore your deleted data,the software offers two different modes-Deleted file recovery and advanced file recovery,using the first option you can recover data from emptied recycle bin and other sources,the second option can help in data recovery for formatted hard drives,lost partition etc,you can use the deleted file recovery option initially ,if the results cannot get the file you are looking for,you can move towards the advanced search.

7.Do your data recovery:-Do your data recovery software offers users the ability to recover accidentally deleted data ,from Hard drives,Pendrives and other storage media on your PC,The software supports recovery for all types of file formats, such as pictures, videos, emails, audio, archives, documents, folders etc,the free version allows users to recover upto 1 GB of data,The software offers users two options quick and advanced recovery,the quick option is fast and performs normal search ,whereas the advanced option is slow and performs a deep search.

Now you know about some of the best file recovery softwares use them to recover accidentally deleted files,the free versions have limitations like limits in file size,no support etc,you can try of these and recover the possibly recoverable items,The download links for each of the respective software is attached in the name of software listed above,click on the link to reach the landing page and download the software.

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