5 alternative ways to unlock your android phone when you forget the Unlock pattern/pin

Android phones offer users a lots of security features,one of them is locking your phone,but sometimes a user may forget his/her unlock pattern or pin,in such circumstances the phone cannot be directly unlocked,Their are several methods to unlock your phone without the unlocking pattern/pin,you can try these methods below to unlock your phone in case you forget the Unlock Pattern/Pin,We are listing various methods,one by one using which you can unlock your phone without the need for entering the unlock pattern/pin.

In the recent updates their had also been a news that android 8.1 users will not able to reset their forgotten unlock pin/pattern,even for a factory reset users will be required to input their pin/password,This new feature may aimed at adding an additional layer of security to the phones,which doesn’t lets anyone unlock or use the phone without the unlock password.

How to Unlock Phone without Pattern/Pin:-

1. Android device manager

The first and simplest thing you could try to unlock your phone is the android device manager,android device manager feature comes build in for android 2.3 and above versions,this method works with your phone’s google account.

  • To Unlock the Phone,initially head to this link,
  • Select one of the device from your account ,which is needed to be unlocked,
  • Click on the ‘Lock’ option,and set a new lock password,this option overwrites your current lock password/pattern with the new password.

2. Smart Lock

Smart lock is a new feature which comes with android 5.0 and above devices,The smart lock feature automatically unlocks your phone,under some favorable conditions and circumstances,Like connecting to your Home WiFi network.

  • To begin,initially head to Settings > Security > Smart Lock,
  • On this screen you need to input your current unlock Pin/Password,
  • Set up the options to unlock your phone in secure area/mechanism.

3. Using Google account (for some Android 4.4 & below phones)

If you use an android version 4.4 or below phone,some of these devices support the ‘forgot password’ feature,you can reset your phone’s password using your google account,for this method you need to sign in to your Google account and the set a new pattern/pin for your phone.

  • Try to unlock the device with incorrect pin/patterns,
  • Do it repeatedly,once you have entered wrong Pin/pattern Five times or more,
  • A ‘Forgot password’ option will appear at the bottom of your screen,
  • Click on it and signin to your google account,Once authenticated,you can set a new unlock pin/password.

4. Find My Phone (For Samsung phones)

Some phone manufacturers offer their own phone management tools online,using these ,users can perform phone tracking and various other operations online ,like samsung offers its users Find my Phone service ,which lets users track their phone, reset their phone’s password/pin online,To Set up ‘Find My Mobile ‘,Head to Settings > Security > Find my mobile,on your Samsung phone,

  • Initially head to this link on your PC,
  • Here login to your Samsung account,
  • Once logged in select the Lock option and input a new lock pin,
  • The new Lock pin will overwrite your current lock pin.

5. Factory reset

This one is the last option you can try out to unlock your phone,A factory reset will erase all the data on your phone,once you factory reset your phone all the Pin/Pattern protection will be removed and the phone will be unlocked.

The procedure to reset a phone varies for various devices,to check out the steps to reset your phone,follow this link ,here you will find allthe instructions on how to reset your phone.

Performing a factory reset will wipe out all the data from your phone,while some of the other above mentioned options ,require users to pre-configure them before hand,because once to forget your password/pin you cannot set up smart lock or Find my phone service ,these must be configured before hand,in order to use them once you need them.

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