3 Ways to Completely Shutdown/Turn off your Windows 10 PC

Windows 10 has a feature “Fast startup” which is enabled on the PC by default,this option makes your PC’s shut down process a Hybrid mode function ,where you PC doesn’t actually shuts down although you go through the real shut down screen and steps,This fast startup feature is enabled on Windows 10 PC by default,Using this feature is not ineffective,but rather sometimes a need may arise for the users to actually shut down their PC, like program conflictions or any other issues,you can enable complete shutdown for your PC, with or without disabling the Fast startup option on your PC.

The Fast Startup feature in Windows 10 is enabled by default if applicable, Fast Startup is designed to help your computer start up faster after you shut down your computer, When you shut down your computer, your computer actually enters a hibernation state instead of a full shutdown.

When comes to Windows updates, some patch installation could require pending operations being processed during the next Windows startup that follows a full shutdown, Without a full shutdown, those pending operations won’t be processed, As a result, these update installations will not complete, Full shutdown only occurs when you restart a computer or when other event causes the computer to process a full shutdown,In order to make sure Windows updates that require pending operations being installed properly, you have to restart your computer to complete the installation,Follow the Methods listed below in order to completely shut down your Windows 10 PC.

Method 1

Disabling Fast startup-You can disable the Fast start up option on your PC,which is activated by default,Once you disable this option,your PC will turn off completely ,and will not go in to the Hibernate mode while shutting it down,follow the steps below to activate:-

  1. Press the Windows key/Start button on your PC and Select settings,
  2. Here click on the System > Power and Sleep > Additional Power settings,
  3. Then select the Option “Choose what Power buttons do”,
  4. Here Click on “Change settings that are currently unavailable”,
  5. And Finally uncheck the “Fast startup” option.

Method 2

By using the Shift key-In case you do not want to disable the fast startup option and Turn off your PC completely,you can do this by using the Shift key on your keyboard during the power off,this will enable you to turn off your PC completely ,The Shift key power off function will work with the shut down process on Start button,Lock screen as well as the Ctrl+Alt+Del screen.Follow the simple steps below:-

  1. Press the Windows Key > and then Press and hold the Shift key,
  2. Next Goto Power > Shut down while holding the Shift key.

Method 3

Using CMD-You can also do this by using the CMD on your PC,this option will let you shut down your PC Completely,the Command is ‘shutdown /s /f’ ,where S stands for ‘shut down’ and f stands for ‘force stop’ all the active programs,follow the steps below to turn off via CMD

  1. Press Win key+R and type CMD ,
  2. Click ok and input the following command followed by the enter key,

    shutdown /s /f

You can also create a shortcut for this directly ,to do this Right click on Desktop > New > Shortcut and type in ”
shutdown /s /f” in the box,click next ,type any name for the shut down shortcut, and click Finish ,now once you open this (Or double click the shortcut) ,your PC will shut down,Using these simple steps anyone can Force complete shut down on their PC ,you can also keep you Fast boot setting enabled and turn off your PC completely by following the steps mentioned in the Method 2 and 3.

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