3 New Websites/Apps to send Free sms across india-Tajsms,Smsera and Mob2sms

Free sms is one of the most amazing feature offered online,Users are normally charged around 1-3 Rs for sending a normal sms from Their phones to other phones,But using the latest online services you can send free sms to all your friends and family members without spending a penny,Today we are introducing three new websites ,which you might not be aware of,Being new websites ,these feature latest technology and fastest delivery of messages,Please note that According to TRAI Rules Only Transactional sms will get Delivered on DND Numbers,whereas Non DND Numbers can receive both Transnational and promotional sms between 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.


1)Taj sms:-Taj sms provides a very fast and smooth delivery of sms messages,The users just need to signup using their mobile number,get the password and login,you will get 100 free sms daily the messages can be sent to any indian mobile number,delivery time is instant,you can view all the sent messages from the website,also keep a track of remaining sms for the day,once you reach 100 sms limit,you need to come back next day to continue your sms messaging.

2)Sms Era:-Sms era facilitates us to send free sms from both its app and website,The website offers us 365 charter sms ,you can also schedule sms messages for future delivery,The greeting card section in the website has various greeting cards for us arranged in various categories like Good morning,Teacher’s day etc,just signup and start using the service.

3)Mob2Sms:-Mob2sms is currently available as an android app only once you signup and login in the app,you will have various options like send sms,templates,sent sms etc,The app offer 10 free sms daily to all the users,that means you can send upto 10 free messages daily,once the day gets over,you again get 10 sms in your account,you can type and sent sms or choose from a list of templates,in various sections like new year,birthday etc.

Now you know all the sites,you can try each of them one by one or just choose one and try it ,get ready to cut down all your messaging cost,your data pack can handle all your calling and sms needs.

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