6 Factors to Consider before you buy the free Jio phone

The delivery of the Much awaited Jio phone may begin very soon in the next few days ,but there are several factors,which the users need to consider before purchasing the free Jio mobile phone,The free Jio phone was announced in July 2017,the phone is definitely a smart thing to purchase at a very affordable price,However their are several factors which the users need to consider before buying the free Jio Mobile phone lets have a Look at these factors.

1. The Price Refund

Jio phone is available at a Refundable price of 1500₹,the Amount can be claimed after using the phone for three years,but there is a condition for refund.

Customers will be eligible for the refund ,only if the phone has been in regular use,”If an account remain inactive for Three months or more ,the user will not be eligible for the refund”,That means ,your account must be recharged minimum once in every three months, to stand eligible for the refund.

2. Mandatory recharges

Jio Phone users need to recharge for Minimum 4500₹ during the three years time period,that means the users need to recharge for a minimum of 1500₹ per year in total as per the Jio terms and conditions,which means the users need to spend more than 4500₹ towards the Jio phone and its services during the course of its three years time period.

The customers who fail to make 1500₹ value total recharges in an year ,Reliance Jio reserves the right to ask these Customers to return the handset ,such customers will also be liable to pay additional charges.

3. Returning the Jio handset

If a customer thinks that He/she Does not want to use the Jio phone and decides to return the Jio phone early,The Recipient may return the JioPhone at any time during the period of three years from the date of first issue on payment of the following charges (“Early Return Charges”),consider the table below for the early return charges.

Time period Return charges
Less than 12 Months 1500₹ + Applicable GST
More than 12 Months & Less than 24 Months 1000₹ + Applicable GST
More than 24 Months & Less than 36 Months 500₹ + Applicable GST

4. Supported applications

Jio phone is offering users with a lot of features at a very small price,users can enjoy the Jio apps and services along with this the phone is also announced to support the Lite version of Facebook application.

However The Jio phone does not offer support for some of the most used Applications like What’s app messenger and Youtube,users can however enjoy the Jio Tv app,on this phone.

5. Use of Other operator sim

Unlike normal mobile phones where users can use any sim card on their mobile phone,the jio phone doesn’t seem to offer the support for other operator sim cards,that means the users of Jio mobile phone can only use the Jio sim on their mobile phone,It has a single sim slot,the phone also doesn’t supports 2G or 3G networks,only Jio 4G is supported.

6. Availability of Other Similar phones

After the announcement of the free Phone from Jio, various Mobile operators and Mobile manufacturers are craving to offer something parallel to the users,these are the announcements regarding the Upcoming budget 4G phones.

  • Idea cellular has announced its Upcoming 4G phone Priced for 2500₹,
  • Airtel has also been in talks with the major handset ,manufactures for a Budget 4G phone priced around 2500₹,
  • Intex has announced its Turbo plus 4G phone which is expected to be priced for 1999₹,
  • Micromax and BSNL are also planning to Launch a Budget 4G phone “Bharat one” during the First week of October.

Jio phone on the day of Prebooking got over 6 Million bookings, as a result of which the bookings for the phone were paused,the delivery of the Phone will start in next few days for all the users who have booked can track their booking status on My Jio app or by simply giving a missed call to 1800 890 8900 from their registered mobile number used for the booking.

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