3 Best Free OCR Software/tools for PC

OCR stands for Optical character recognition/reader,This technology make it possible for the programs to extract text out of images,With the Help of OCR ,if you feed your computer with a screen shot of a web page or a printed bill  ,you can easily copy the textual part of that image,you can also convert all other types of images to text,In case if you ask and OCR software to convert a hand written piece of document in to an editable text,in such scenario the accuracy of recognition will vary across differnt software.

Free Ocr reader

Now lets have a look at 3 best OCR reader software/tools for PC which are available as free to download.

One note

OneNote supports Optical Character Recognition (OCR), a tool that lets you copy text from a picture or file printout and paste it in your notes so you can make changes to the words, It’s a great way to do things like copy info from a business card you’ve scanned into OneNote. After you extract the text, you can paste it somewhere else in OneNote or in another program, like Outlook or Word.

To extract text from a single picture you’ve added into OneNote:

  • Right-click the picture, and click Copy Text from Picture,
  • Click where you’d like to paste the copied text, and then press Ctrl+V.

Google Docs

You can easily convert image files to text with Google Drive ,The Google docs platform supports JPEG,PNG,PDF and GIF files,the file size must be of 2 MB or less,Documents must be right-side up,If your image is facing the wrong way, rotate it before uploading it to Google Drive.

  • On your computer, go to drive.google.com,
  • Right-click on the desired file,
  • Click Open with and then Google Docs,
  • The image file will be converted to a Google Doc, but some formatting might not transfer,
  • Bold, italics, font size, font type, and line breaks are most likely to be retained,
  • Lists, tables, columns, footnotes, and end notes are likely not be detected.

Boxoft free OCR

Boxoft Free OCR is completely free software to help you extract text from all kinds of images,The freeware can analyze multi-column text and support multiple languages: English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Basque and so on,You can even scan your paper documents and then OCR content from scanned files into editable text immediately.

Boxoft Free OCR is software which can help you to extract text from multiple types of images with OCR technology, It’s completely free to use,Boxoft Free OCR is pretty fast to extract text out of images just with one simple click, It avoids heavy retyping work to get editable text, and actually lighten the intensity of labor.

You can download the respective software for free by just clicking on the link attached with the title of each software,follow the link instructions in order to download and start using the respective software.

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