3 Best Apps to Optimize your Android Phone’s Battery Life

Now a days, people are so upgraded as a result of which,everywhere you will find smartphones from rural areas to urban areas.That sounds great! Whether its a low cost smartphone or a high cost smartphone, a common problem which is in every smartphone is battery life. Low cost smartphones, due to the low cost rate their battery power is less and in high cost, due to too much features, the battery tends run out faster. People loose their battery at anytime, anywhere which sometimes is very annoying as maybe you would be waiting for something important on your phone,and suddenly your battery drains out.

We ourselves have also experienced the same problem, I remember, once I was at the bus top and I was waiting for a important call for my friend and at that time, I didn’t have these apps so my battery ran out and it caused me a lot of problem. So, what do in this situation? keep these apps installed and experience a considerable amount of change in your phone’s battery life.

Apps :-

1)Avast Battery Saver:Avast Battery saver is one of the best battery saver application for android but then powerful android application that fare thee well about your battery-related problems.It has the genuine details which demonstrates the really consummate data about your cell phone battery. Its made by well known producers of Avast Antivirus App.It works with screen brilliance, it has setting to add battery reinforcement as per your need,un-installation of high battery draining app and so on.

2)McAfee Battery Optimizer:Battery Optimizer by McAfee is another best battery saver application for android which you can experiment with now. It’s size is little also (6.7MB). This battery saver application for android has a great deal of elements such as battery sparing suggestions, auto expand, call aide, battery utilization screen. Additionally, this application has a fast help catch which will upgrade RAM, battery and CPU procedures to further support execution and battery life.

3)DU Battery Saver:DU Battery Saver is an impeccable application for the individuals who need to check everything happening on their device. There are understandable representation itemizing when and how the battery got depleted. This permits the clients to make choices in view of hard information gathered over a charge cycle. On the off chance that you need to screen everything about your battery, this is the application for you.

We are sure ,these apps will surely help you enhance the battery life, as they helped us? If you have any other apps, which you would like to add in the list,do share them and feel free to forward your feedback regarding these wonderful apps.

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