16 Best android/iOS apps of 2016

Smartphones with apps have become one of the most reliable and easy medium to stay connected with all our friends,watch videos,watch movies ,TV shows etc,You carry a box in your pocket with endless capabilities termed as a smartphone,Year 2016 is approaching its end,you might have tried out and favorited many of the new apps this year,some of the Most popular apps for this year include apps like Jio join,Whats app,Pokemon go,Prisma etc,With this post we are trying to list out some of the best android apps for this year new this year or updated with noticeable features,These apps are in no particular order or ranking ,we have just listed them out ,Each of the respective app is uncomparable with other apps.

♢.Google allo (Android,iOS -Free):-Hello Google allo,Google allo is a Messaging app that help us to stay connected with friends,families,Colleagues,Google allo has a great collection of Emojis ,Doodles as well as stickers ,helping us expressing ourselves and our emotions easily more vividly ,This app Features Google assistant, Incognito mode,Ink to draw on pics,Smart reply and so on.

♢.Microsoft Pix (iOS -Free):-Microsoft Pix is an intelligent camera app for your iPhone,This app uses artificial intelligence to recognize your image’s subject and adjusting the camera settings accordingly,It creates a GIF upon detection of a motion,This app requires a very little effort on the part of users and makes your shooting professional.

♢.Ditto Tv (Android,iOS -Free):-Ditto Tv is a live television app by zee enterprises, This app offers HD quality streaming of live tv channels,Users can browse through the Tv guide within the app and explore various programs under different genre,The app offers TV at a very affordable price of just 20₹ per month,the TV channels are available in HD mode.


♢.Eros now (Android,iOS -Free):-Eros now is a movie streaming app ,this app features a huge movie collection in Hindi and other Indian langauges,Their are two subscription packages available for 49 and 99₹ the first one offers normal streaming for all the collection, While the later one offers HD Streaming ,with sub titles and download support in the app.

♢.Pocket (Android,iOS -Free):-Pocket app let’s us save links of videos,webpages and other online content meant to be read later ,The pockets Extension is available for browsers like Mozilla ,Chrome,Safari,Initially sign up for a Pocket account and login with a Common account on Both PC and Mobile ,Hit the Pocket icon while browsing a web page ,Its gets synced over all your devices with the Pocket app,It also features Text to speech,Adding of tags etc.

♢.Waze (Android,iOS -Free):-Analyze the traffic smartly using waze app,This app let’s us know what’s ahead on the road Jams,Accidents, Hazards etc,It is a community based traffic app,Drivers share real time traffic updates ,Road information to help saving fuel,time,The app features Turn by turn voice navigation,Live re-routing,Earning points by contributing.

♢.Signal (Android,iOS -Free):-Signal is a private messaging app,This app will ensure that all your chats remain completely private and secure,The messages are end to end encrypted that means the company doesn’t get to know your chats,It works with Signal app installed on both your and your friend’s devices,The app features Group chat,With crystal clear phone calls and stand Open source.

♢.Pokemon Go (Android,iOS -Free):-Immediately upon its launch,Pokemon go game became a massive sensation among the people,The game requires player to walk around in the environment and catch the pokemons using their mobile phone’s camera,Collect the items,engage into the battles,The game uses your mobile phone’s camera to turn your world into a Pokemon world.

♢.Prisma (Android,iOS -Free):-Prisma is a photo editor app,Offering various filters for your images like Crop and resizing,film style filtering,red eye reduction,this app turn your photos in to creative artworks by using its various algorithms,the recent update of this app lets us perform the editing with our video too,You might need some time and experiments to know which filters will work best for your Photos.

♢.Bitmoji (Android,iOS -Free):-Bitmoji is an Emoji app for android ,This app let’s us designing our own Emoji character Male/Female ,Choose the face design ,Hair style,Beard,Mustaches,Outfit and Get 100s of emoji images based on the character you designed,Download the image(s) and share them with your friends to better and easy express your emotions,You can also search for emojis in the app.

♢.Google translate (Android,iOS -Free):-The next app is Google translate which can translate words,phrases from one language to another,you can either type the words or just simply speak them to have them transformed from one language to another,The new update has brought amazing features Like Tap to Translate,Offiline language packs for iPhone and so on.

♢.Quik (Android,iOS -Free) :-Quik is an automatic video editing app,It works with a group of footages from your video,Pulls out the best moments automatically and,sets everything appropriately and perfectly,It is an amazing app to add professional touch to your videos easily before uploading them on social networks like Facebook,What’s app etc.

♢.Boomerang (Android,iOS -Free):-This app helps us creating short funny videos from our phone,The app captures a burst of your still photos and stitches them together as videos or Gif animations,Take short videos of your life ,using your phone’s back and front camera and share the moments with all your friends,as a continuous loop video or animation.

♢.Hitman Sniper (Android,iOS -Paid):-Hitman sniper is up with the new Halloween update,Get into the shoes of agent 47 and shoot the targets using the sniper frame your strategies,Challenge the zombies in death valley,The game offers more than 150 Mission and different targets,Eliminate targets ,build up your weapons and Compete against your friends.

♢.Google trips (Android,iOS -Free):-Google trips app makes our travel more easy and convenient,organizing all the essential info at one place and making it available offline too,The app features Automatic Trip organization,Bundled reservations,Day plans,List of nearby attractions,Offering access to the app resources even in offline mode ,without connectivity.

♢.Saavn (Android,iOS,Windows phone -Free):-Saavn is a music streaming app its offers unlimited free access to a large variety of music content from Hindi,Enlish,Punjabi and other regional languages,Create playlists,enjoy Radio based on a music,Saavn pro offers ad free music in 320 KBps ,along with offline downloading feature.

Hopefully you like our amazing app collection listed out,in our previously posted articles for android apps we have covered up various other apps,have a look it you missed them out

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