10 websites that pay you to guest post

A list of 30+ sites that pay your to write guest post the good thing about them is taht they allow you to attach author bio and a website backlink along with articles to let you drive huge traffic to your site.

Here is the list

-1. Developer Tutorials

Niche: Web Design Payment Method: Paypal

Submit your articles related to programming or webs designing and earn 30-50$ per articles you can submit any programming related articles here

-2. Audio Tuts+

Niche: Audio Payment MethodPaypal/Moneybookers

This a one of the blog from evanto network that gives you opportunites to write

You can easily male 50$ contributing a quick tip to them

-3. PSD Tuts+

Niche: Photoshop Payment Method: Paypal/Moneybookers

If you are a photoshop expert an love to experiment with it you can send your tutorials here and exchange them for money

-4. 1stWebDesigner

Niche: Design/Freelancing/Blogging Payment Method: Paypal/Moneybookers

It is currently one of the biggest online web design blog you can earn 50-75$ per articles you contribute

 -5. WorldStart

Niche: Computer Tips Payment Method: Paypal/Check (for those in the US)

This site is anothher good opportunity for free lance writers with over 3,00000 active monthly visitors your content will be exposed hugely and you will earn upto 50$ per article

-6. Pro Blog Design

Niche: Design/Programming Payment Method: Paypal/Moneybookers

This is another great blog that provides writers with an opportunity to earn from their work. They pay writers $100 for list posts and basic articles, and $125 for complicated articles. They also only respond to emails once a week so you need to have some patience when you send them an email.


-7. Writers Weekly

Niche: Making Money Writing Payment Method:  Unknown

This is an online publication and not a blog you will earn around 75$ for any relevant article you submit

-8. One Spoon at a Time

Niche: Writing/Marketing/Blogging/Product Creation Payment Method: Paypal

This site allows only 2 guest posts per month you will be paid around 50$ for each post,choose a category ,write and submit the article

-9. Make a Living Writing

Niche: Make Money Writing Payment Method: Paypal

You will get 50$ per aritcle that gets a place in this site

-10. Rock Solid Finance

Niche: Money/Small Business Issues Payment Method: Unknown

You will be paid 50-75$ per post make sure your post is about business issues and around 1000 words


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