Upgrade your Existing sim to 4G and get absolutely free 4GB 4G data on Vodafone and Idea

Introducing 4G ,The Fourth generation of Mobile internet,enjoy superior network connectivity,high speed download and browsing,Faster response time,Upgrading your sim to 4G will not only enhance your connectivity and performance but will also lead to saving of time and money,4G will offer us around 10 times more speed as compared to our existing 3G network,4G offers 1800 Mhz Spectrum ,aimed to offer the best connectivity,With 4G HD Videos ,Huge files, and other downloads will be just a matter of seconds,you cannot use 4G with your existing sim,you need to upgrade it from the nearest store,Usim (128k) is need for 4G.

Currently most of the operators are offering 4G at the price of 3G ,the price will remain same only the speed will enhance.To start using 4G you must have a 4G sim,4G device and presence in a 4G zone.


Vodafone is also offering free 4 Gb 4G data to its existing users who upgrade to 4G,Vodafone users can use 3G plans towards 4G data,the price will remain the same,but the speed will be of 4G,The validity of this free 4 GB data will be for 10 days,the offer is valid only for 4G circles,Vodafone 4G is currently applicable in various circles like:-Kerala, Karnataka, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata,Up east and so on,To upgrade Visit your nearest vodafone store,4G Customers need to send an sms in the following format,upon receiving the sim.

i) SIMEX [ 20 digit SIM number ]  to 55199

ii) Delhi-NCR Users can dial *121*444# from their Vodafone number,to get the sim delivered at their doorstep,

iii) Visit here and provide your mobile number,to Check 4G eligibility and request upgrade.


Idea cellular is offering free 4GB 4G data on Upgrading to 4G,The validity of this 4 gb free data will be for 5 days from the day of offer activation,After you have successfully upgraded to the idea 4G network, next For idea 4G 4gb data offer customers need to send an sms in following format,the sms should be sent within 5 days of sim upgrade.

i) GO4G to 12345

ii) Or Visit This Link and provide your mobile number to submit the upgrade request.

The request for this offer will be processed in 48 hours,this offer is applicable only for idea 4G users and can be availed only for one time,idea 4G is currently available across almost all the circles in India.

For further information regarding your circles,you can directly connect with the customer support staff for your respective operator and circle,the offers are valid only for limited time period,only for 4G active circles.

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