Try new Free Recharge app Air Reward offering Minimum 10 Rs for any app download along with instant recharge without request

We have already posted about a lots of free recharge apps on our website,These apps almost had the same concept and pattern,users download the apps and earn free recharge,Today Air reward is another app we wanted to let our users know about,This app is offering Minimum 10 Rs for any app download,Since it shows no earnings,Maintains no record,you just get the recharge directly, so rates are set as flat 10 Rs minimum, This app doesn’t shows any earnings the user just downloads any app and gets the recharge instantly,The app is very different and good to use,we just tried it out and got the recharge instantly,more and more offers are being added to the app keep checking out.

Steps to start using this app:-

In order to start using this app just download this app from the Playstore,post downloading it ,just register in the app using your name,email,password and mobile number,once successfully registered,you will enter the app,just click on any of the offer and download the app,you will get the recharge instantly once you download and open the app without any request,now just download the app and start using it,this app auto detects your mobile operator,have a look at these screen shots,click on any image to enlarge it.





Other details:-

  • User must download the app for the first time from the dashboard to earn the credits,
  • Earnings are redeemed instantly as recharge,no records maintained,
  • New offers are added up regularly,keep checking,
  • App available for india and few other counties too.
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