Trick to create a permanent manager for your facebook page

Here is a small trick that will let you assign a permanent manager for your facebook page



got ‘Get Started’,click advertiser and select 1-10 peoples,again do the same

and click next,name your business,then select the page you want to secure

fill up first and last name and email and done

now you are the permanent manager of your page

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5 thoughts on “Trick to create a permanent manager for your facebook page

  1. bibin says:

    heyy help me pls… i registered with this thing and now im confused with new settings and all. so can u help me pls.. i want to delete this thing.. i want to undo and make my page as before…

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  3. Rohan Rathore says:

    Hey, I tried this trick and it works like a charm but now I am not able to update my page via mobile. In mobile the business manager doesn’t show up so I can’t update my page. Is there a way to enable it? Or could you please tell me how to revert back to normal manager? Thanks.

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