Download ‘Phantom dust Re-release’ game free for PC and Xbox one

A new version of the classic game Phantom dust has been now been released for Xbox one and Windows 10 PC users available free for download,This new phantom dust game for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC is a re-release of the original Xbox classic, now returning with full Xbox LIVE support and a host of enhancements, including Xbox Play Anywhere, cross-device multiplayer, achievements, and 16×9 presentation,to make you game play much more enjoyable and addictive.

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Xbox one spring sale grab some of the best gaming titles at amazing discounts

Microsoft is offering the xbox one spring sale with a lots of best gaming titles available at a very discounted rate,the sale is up only for a limited time period,its a great time to fillup your xbox one library with some of the best gaming titles,users with xbox gold account can avail the maximum discount,so here is the full list of these downloads click on the link to reach the landing page and buy a game,all the titles below are digital downloads,with prices for Xbox gold ,normal users will also get a discount.

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Dishonored 2 Free demo Now available for PC,PS4 and Xbox one

Now play free trail of Dishonored 2 game on PC ,Xbox one or PS4,the free trial gives you access to the first three missions in the game,The game offers some of the outstanding features like super natural powers,Imaginative world and the assassins,Upon playing the free trail ,users can upgrade to full game anytime ,the upgrades made after the trial will let you carry all your in-game progress to the full game.

The demo version of this game is sized for around 18 GB for PC users,on PS4 and Xbox one the game’s demo includes entire game content which will be around 50 GB ,but users can start the game play upon downloading 10 GB ,if you decide to upgrade no extra downloads will be needed for Xbox one and PS4.

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Play for free-MAFIA III Free demo now available for download (PC,PS4 & Xbox one)

2K games is offering MAFIA III free to play demo for the gamers,Under this,the players can play the entire first act of the game,Featuring an exhilarating bank heist which got wronged setting a scene for betrayal and Lincoln Clay’s revenge against the Italian Mafia,the game will introduce you to the seedy criminal world,your saved progress will be transferred to the game if you decide to purchase it.

Mafia III is a crime and drama game filled with thrill,featuring a story that was awarded the Best Overall Storytelling from GameSpot,The game features the story of Lincoln clay waging a revenge war against the Italian mafia after his family is betrayed and slaughtered by the mob boss Sal Marcano.

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