Paytm trick to transfer less than 100₹ to your Bank account

As we already know about Paytm, we can earn cashback on recharges,bill payments and other transactions as per the ongoing offers at paytm,Using various coupon and promo codes which is transferable to bank, at paytm users can perform recharges,pay bills ,book flight ,movie tickets ,shop online and perform various other transactions online,Paytm has recently also launched the paytm mall app which makes shopping on mobile very easy and convenient.

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How to enable the Blue light filter feature on Windows 10 PC

An effective and complete sleep is very essential for healthy and proper functioning of our body,lack of sleep may lead to various physical and mental problems,The lights emitted by the screens of our devices are also a cause of many such problems as discovered by the researchers,People who work late lights on their PC without proper lightening in their rooms may face this problem,The latest update of WIndows 10 OS offers us the blue light filter feature ,that helps us in filtering the light of our computer’s screen during night hours, or whenever you want.

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Pocket Sense app Sounds an alarm on your Phone whenever someone tries to pull it off from your Pocket

Stop worrying about the pick pockets or mobile thieves around you while traveling or public places,Pocket Sense application will ease your tension with a smart solution,Install the Pocket Sense app and enable the Pocket Sense mode and That’s it! Now, You will get notified through an alarm if any mobile thief takes the mobile out of your pants pocket, You can turn off the alarm simply by unlocking the mobile or by turning off the pocket sense mode.

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Find out who left your friend request pending on Facebook

Most of the time people don’t immediately respond to a friend request received on facebook,people usually feel more comfortable in ignoring a friend request specially in the case of strangers,we have already posted about viewing pending friend requests on facebook ,just to bring up the trick for those who missed it,today we are covering it again,Click on the link below and login to your facebook account ,in order to view the pending friend requests sent by you.

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Get Complete information about your android phone using My Device app

Do you know every thing about your android phone ? Other than the android version and some other details,you might not be aware of various minute details regarding your android device,today we are introducing an app named My Device app ,this app will let you retrieve complete details regarding your android smart phone,the app shows device manufacturer, brand,serial number and various other details,with this app you can know the details regarding your phone’s android version,features and others without fetching inside the phone.

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