How to use your android phone as a WiFi repeater

Are you experiencing low Wifi signal ? Today we are presenting a quick tutorial on how you can use your android phone as a WiFi repeater,to extend the range of a WiFi signal,this will in turn extend the coverage area of your Wifi network,Some android phones now a days have this feature in build like Honor 6x comes with this feature in build termed as ‘Wifi Bridge’,Today we will be sharing two apps using which you can turn any android phone into a Wifi repeater.

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How to avoid toll roads while traveling using Google Maps

Navigate the roads like a pro, Google Maps dynamically re-routes based on real-time traffic information, and even suggests which lane to be in, Various travel apps like Google Maps now a days have made traveling very easy and predictable,Just input your destination and let google maps show you the route,today with this post we are about to show a quick tutorial using which users can avoid toll roads while traveling using the Google Maps app for android and iOS,follow the step by step procedure below in order to avoid tolls while traveling

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How to get your Facebook 2017 Year in review -Relive your 2017 Moments on facebook

Your ‘Year in Review’ is a personalized video that lets you highlight and share your meaningful moments from this year,These moments can include photos and posts that you’ve shared or been tagged in,This video includes moments from this past year that you’ve shared or been tagged in, and compiles them in a short video that can be edited and shared.

Once you visit the link below,you will be treated with a personalized video,the video will show all the important things that occurred during the year from 1st Jan to 1 Dec 2017,it will be very interesting to look back at all the events that occurred, at once in a video.

Year in review

3 Best Free OCR Software/tools for PC

OCR stands for Optical character recognition/reader,This technology make it possible for the programs to extract text out of images,With the Help of OCR ,if you feed your computer with a screen shot of a web page or a printed bill  ,you can easily copy the textual part of that image,you can also convert all other types of images to text,In case if you ask and OCR software to convert a hand written piece of document in to an editable text,in such scenario the accuracy of recognition will vary across differnt software.

Free Ocr reader
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Meet ‘Datally’ a Mobile Data Saver & WiFi Finder app from Google

Few days ago we Posted regarding the “Triangle” app from google,The app has now launched globally renamed as The Datally app,The triangle app was optimized to control the apps from using your unnecessary data,While the Datally app lets us monitor ,which apps consume the most amount of data and also lets us optimize the amount of data consumption.

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